Zombieville USA 2 – Mika Mobile, Inc.

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  • 1.6.1

    • Multiplayer will now connect to closest master server by ping, which should greatly improve latency for players outside the US.
    • Multiplayer can again be played with random players – choose „public game“ to match with other random players
    • Added manual upload/download for iCloud for when automatic syncing is unreliable. This can be found in the options menu, and requires iCloud Drive to be enabled.

  • 1.6

    • Completely rebuilt co-op multiplayer for improved stability and compatibility.
    • Fixed a music playback issue under iOS9+ effecting some devices.

  • 1.5.1

    • Fixed a title screen issue under iOS 8
    • Fixed an issue which could cause the game to become stuck in a super fast state

  • 1.5

    • MFi controller support has been added. Connect your favorite controller and start slaughtering zombies!
    • 3 new playable characters – the Panda, Soldier, and Swimmer
    • Vehicles! Hop into a nearby ambulance or cement truck and start racking up points as you turn piles of zombies into roadkill!
    • Endless mode can now be selected by Zombieville veterans. There’s no escape helicopter waiting for you this time…
    • Bluetooth multiplayer returns! Users of all iOS versions can once again connect to local players through bluetooth or, even easier, Wifi if you’re both on the same network.
    • You can now delete all data from the options menu, for players looking to remove their progress from the cloud and start over from the beginning.
    • It is now possible to speed up the scoreboard at the end of a round by touching the screen (or holding a button down on an MFi controller).
    • Improved multiplayer stability.

  • 1.3.3

    – Resolved an issue related to skill ranks not properly syncing over iCloud

  • 1.3.2

    – resolved an issue preventing proper iCloud functionality

  • 1.3.1

    – Added widescreen support for iPhone 5

  • 1.3

    – Santa Claus joins the list of player characters
    – The fully upgraded Assault Rifle has a new look
    – Certain achievements no longer continuously notify you when accomplished more than once
    – The chainsaw now contributes to the „Brawler“ achievement
    – The flamethrower effect no longer becomes stuck if you grab the helicopter while firing
    – Achievements should more reliably post to Game Center

  • 1.2

    – The fully upgraded Magnum and Slug Shotgun now have a unique graphic
    – Added a new player character – „Granny“
    – Further increased money drops from zombies.
    – iCloud can now be disabled on the options menu, for those who don’t want their game synced to all of their devices.
    – Fixed missing description for „Berzerker“ upgrades
    – Land mines and med kits will now despawn if they get stuck off screen
    – Fixed bug with 1st Tesla Rifle upgrade not functioning
    – Fixed a depth-sorting issue on the fully upgraded shotgun
    – Various performance optimizations, including smoother behavior in Gamecenter menus

  • 1.1

    – Fixed a rare bug which could lead to data loss if iCloud syncing fails
    – Dramatically increased the effective radius of the joystick
    – Increased rate at which money is earned, likelihood of zombies dropping money, and doubled money gains in co-op to offset the additional player taking all of your precious loot.
    – Fixed a crash on the player select menu when purchasing the final few characters.
    – Added a new player character, the „Tycoon“

  • 1.0

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