You Can Soon Buy ‘Magnum’ Bottles Of Ranch Dressing From Hidden Valley

The perfect gift for the ranch lover in your life!

There’s no denying that Americans have a love affair with ranch dressing. Particularly in the Midwest, where I’m from, people love to put ranch on just about everything.  From salad to pizza to buffalo wings and more, there’s really no food that can’t be made better with a little ranch.

If you agree with that sentiment, you will soon have access to more ranch dressing than you could possibly need with a magnum-sized bottle of Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing. Yup, the limited-edition bottle holds a whopping 1.75 liters of the stuff and will be available online for $25 beginning Dec. 3.

“Let the ranch flavor flow with this limited-edition bottle that comes in a custom-designed box perfect for any holiday occasion,” reads the product description. Check it out:

Hidden Valley Ranch

To give a sense of just how large this huge bottle of ranch is, check it out next to the brand’s regular 8-ounce bottle:

Hidden Valley Ranch

Now, that is a lot of ranch! And here is the custom box it comes with:

Hidden Valley Ranch

How fancy!

For those who not only want to enjoy their ranch but also need to show off their dedication to the dressing, the company has launched a line festive products, including ranch ornaments for the Christmas tree, outdoor inflatable ranch bottles to put up in the yard and pizza-and-ranch themed wrapping paper. What a great way to spread holiday cheer and show off your ranch fandom at the same time!

This ranch-themed ugly Christmas sweater is guaranteed to make you the best-dressed guest at any holiday party:

Hidden Valley Ranch

Do you know a ranch-lover who would swoon over a gift from Hidden Valley this holiday season?

Attention Parents: Jell-O Is Introducing Edible Slime

Family & Parenting

Do you know kids who would love this? Here’s where you can get it.

This has been the year of the slime. And, now, Jell-O is taking slime to the next level by making it edible! Yep, that’s ooey, gooey, droppy, floppy, sticky, icky slime that you can actually eat.

This isn’t the first time that edible slime has made waves on the internet, but those previous versions were homemade and required lots of parent preparation and cleanup. No, thanks. Holidays are busy enough without worrying about cleaning up slime from off the kitchen counter and your favorite nonstick pot.


That’s why we are so happy that the culinary geniuses at Jell-O have created a gelatin slime which comes in two delicious-sounding flavors: Unicorn Slime (strawberry-flavored) and Monster Slime (lime-flavored).

Despite their wacky appearances, they are 100-percent edible and the company claims its slime will easily wash off of skin or clothing with just soap and water. Plus, it’s easy to make.

All you have to do is put 3 scoops of the slime mixture into a bowl, add a scoop of warm water and stir it for 30 seconds. Then add a tablespoon of warm water … and dunk your hands in and start playing! When you’re done, you can eat the Jell-O slime, or lick it off your fingers as you go.

Kraft Heinz

If you want to try Jell-O Play Slime, you can preorder it right now on Amazon. It doesn’t officially come out until Dec. 1, but you might want to move fast if you don’t want to worry about it selling out. This would definitely make an awesome stocking stuffer or Hanukkah gift!

One jar costs $9.99 on Amazon, and there is enough in each can for two sessions of play. (Or should we say two servings of play?)

For people who want to play with their food even more, this slime is just one of the exciting new items from the new Jell-O Play line. The new collection boasts kits that help kids build edible toys, including Jell-O Mud, Jell-O edible stickers, Jell-O Jigglers and Jell-O Play build-and-eat kits.

Kraft Heinz

“Jell-O Play is a toy you can eat,” said Katy Marshall, marketing and sales lead at Kraft Heinz, in a press release about the new brand. “There are no rules to what you can make when you let your creativity out of your head, onto your plate and into your mouth.”

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These Are The Best Early Black Friday Deals On Amazon

Snag these deals before the madness of Black Friday begins!

Beat the crowds this holiday season with Amazon’s online Black Friday Deals. That’s right. You can enjoy all the savings of the famously chaotic Black Friday without ever leaving your home — and you don’t even have to wait until the day after Thanksgiving!

We’ve rounded up some of the best Amazon deals below. All you have to do is scroll and click.

XDesign 10W Wireless Charger

Looking for a foolproof gift that anyone would appreciate? Get this wireless cell phone charger that’s compatible with phones that range from the iPhone 8 Plus to the Galaxy S7 Edge. Never having to deal with annoying, tangled chargers, cables or wires again? Yes, please! This super-fast gadget quickly charges your devices with ease. All you need to do is place your phone directly on it and wait until the device’s power indicator light turns blue/green. Get it now for $13.99.


6-Blade Vegetable Spiralizer

This year, give the gift of never having to chop with a knife again! Any health-conscious friend on a low-carb, paleo, gluten-free or even keto diet would love this veggie spiralizer. With six blades made of stainless steel, it’s ideal for making quick, beautiful noodles (angel hair, ribbon cuts, thick, shredded, etc.) out of any firm fruit or veggie your heart desires. Think: carrot, zucchini, sweet potato, squash and more. Get it now for $30.59.


Portable Photo Printer

For your nostalgic, social media-savvy friends, this portable photo printer will make their year. This printer prints 2-by-3-inch snapshots or stickers straight from your iOS or Andriod devices with just the press of a button. It comes in five different colors and is the size of a smartphone, making it super simple to print memories on the go. Plus, you can get creative by customizing the snapshots with filters, borders, emojis and more prior to printing. What a cute, fun gift! Get it now for $99.99.


Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser and Mist Humidifier

With a sleek wood finish, this essential oil diffuser is guaranteed to add both style and a fresh, fabulous scent to any room in your home, office or studio. The diffuser gives out a quiet mist that also serves as a humidifier, which is perfect for the winter months. Pair this gift with your friend’s favorite scents and your gift is good to go! Get it now for $26.34.


Himalayan Glow Pink Crystal Salt Lamp

Looking for something special for your bohemian, yoga-loving friend who appreciates a room with ambiance and welcoming vibes? Get her this handmade Himalayan salt lamp, which comes in various sizes from 5 to 30 pounds, along with a bulb, dimmer and 100 percent natural wooden base. This salt lamp is known to create a relaxing, soothing atmosphere thanks to its captivating amber glow. It’s also perfect as a nightlight. Light pink in color, it adds a rustic, meditative quality to any room. Get it now for $13.99.

DoubleNest Hammock for Two

We all have that super outdoorsy friend who would rather go on a massive hike at the break of dawn than get brunch on a Sunday morning. Well, surprise her with this thoughtful gift: a portable hammock for two! Compact, lightweight and perfect for camping and other strenuous, nature-centric activities, this hammock is ideal for taking a snooze in the sun after a long day of outdoor activity. Get it now (over half off!) for $39.64.


Zojirushi Thermal Carafe Coffee Maker

We’re all obsessed with coffee, right? But how many of us are willing to splurge on a high-end coffee maker? Not many. Enter the Zojirushi Thermal Carafe Coffee Maker! Currently over 50 percent off, this high-tech coffee maker features a 10-cup carafe that keeps coffee warm for hours, thumb-activated pouring, a brewing temperature of over 200 degrees and an automated clean cycle. Your caffeine-fueled friend will thank you for years to come with this gift. Get it now for $87.49.


Who’s ready to shop?

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This Heated Mouse Pad Cocoon Will Keep Your Hands Toasty All Winter

Gift Ideas

This is brilliant.

While I am incredibly fortunate to now work from the comfort of my own home, where I can set the temperature where I want it, I used to work in an office that had two temperatures — sweating or teeth-chattering. I had a fan for the summer and a heater for the winter and, sometimes, I could barely type on the keyboard because my hands were so cold.

If your office thermostat is of similar quality, you’ve probably already learned a few tricks, like wearing fingerless gloves and keeping heated blankets in your drawers. But if your productivity still suffers when you’re cold, you may need even more tricks to get through the day.

Cold Jim Carrey GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Luckily, we’re not alone in our unending appetite for clever products that will keep us warm while working. Which is why this genius heated mouse pad warmer — available on Amazon for $18.95 — exists. This nifty product will keep at least one hand warm while you’re working.

Basically a heating pad for your hand, the mouse pad simply plugs into the USB port of your computer and stays warm while connected. If you don’t want to turn the heat on, simply don’t plug it in — it can still be used as a normal mouse pad.


If you’re concerned about the hand that’s not in the mouse pad, or just your overall level of coldness as winter continues to creep up on you, you might want to check out this list of other products that are made for people who are seriously always cold.

The list even includes a few other things you can use in the office, like these USB heated mittens (so both your hands can stay warm!) or this heated mouse you could totally put in your mousepad warmer.

Will you be ordering a heated mouse pad warmer for your office?

We were not paid to write this story. The products and services mentioned below were selected independent of sales and advertising. However, Simplemost may receive a small commission from the purchase of any products or services through an affiliate link to the retailer’s website.

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You Can Score $100 Of Build-A-Bear Gift Cards For $69.99 At Costco

These would make great gifts!

Aside from all the free samples and treats, like a four-pound pumpkin pie, shopping at warehouse clubs like Costco or Sam’s Club can not only save you some cash, but you can make some too.

The extra cash comes in the form of gift cards which you can find at warehouse clubs for a discount. Put it this way, you can easily get, say, a $50 gift card for $40 —or sometimes less — meaning that you basically made $10!

Flickr | JeepersMedia

Sometimes, the gift card deals are even bigger, especially when the holidays roll around. For instance, right now Costco has a four-pack of $25 Build-A-Bear Workshop gift cards for just $70. That’s a savings of $30 and means one of the gift cards is totally free. The gift cards are delivered via email and can be used at any Build-A-Bear location, where your child can make their own furry friend.

The $30 savings is only good through Nov. 26, but once you’ve purchased the gift cards, they can be used on stuffed animals, clothing, accessories and more, whenever you want to use them.


Most stuffed friends at Build-A-Bear actually cost around $30, so the savings is pretty much like getting a bear for free. That includes the company’s latest arrival, a plush Grinch for $25.50, just in time for the holidays. Other holiday characters to choose from include friends from “The Polar Express” and Disney’s “The Nutcracker and the Four Realms.”

Will you be purchasing some Build-A-Bear gift cards from Costco?

We were not paid to write this story. The products and services mentioned below were selected independent of sales and advertising. However, Simplemost may receive a small commission from the purchase of any products or services through an affiliate link to the retailer’s website.

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You Can Now Get Pickles Delivered To Your House With This ‘Pickle Of The Month’ Club

Food & Recipes

Yum! Here’s how to sign up.

If you love pickles or know someone who does, this subscription box could make the perfect gift for yourself and others this season. The Pickle of the Month Club by MOUTH is the subscription service you never knew you needed — and yes, they ship pickles right to your door.

Each month, you’ll be sent three to four different pickles and/or pickled vegetables. As an example, the MOUTH website says in a given month you could receive Extra-Crunch Spears With Salty Old Bay Seasoning, Garlicky, Dilly Kirbys With A Hint Of Sweetness, Plump Pickled Tomatoes and Classic Bread & Butter Pickle Chips.


If you’re not completely into the idea of signing up for a pickle delivery before you’ve tried what MOUTH has to offer, you can also shop jars from the merchants they carry individually or in a one-time gift set online.

The online store carries everything from Bacon Pickles to Whiskey Sour Pickles. So, you can rack up on some unique flavors, at the very least.


If pickled vegetables are what you’re in the market for, you might be surprised to find out that the Pickle of the Month Club from MOUTH isn’t the only subscription service option out there for you.

Olympia Provisions also offers a Pickle of the Month Club for $195, and with this service, you’ll be sent a different pickled vegetable every month. They’ve got the full list on their website, but just to give you an idea, they’re sending out curried cauliflower in February and pickled asparagus in May.

Olympia Provisions

If you don’t have hundreds of dollars to spend on a gift for the pickle-eater in your life, another present option is to give them a DIY pickling kit. It’s a cheaper and more hands-on way to enjoy the food they love to eat so much.

Williams-Sonoma has a pickling kit available for $12.95, and it comes in three options: bread and butter, garlic and dill and spicy jalapeño.


Amazon also sells a kit complete with fermenting lids that makes it possible to ferment anything you can fit inside of a mason jar. The kit comes with three lids, an extractor pump and an online recipe book for $20.99.


Whether you’re shopping by the jar, signing up to get a jar delivered every month or DIYing pickles on your own, there’s really no right or wrong way to support pickle-eating habits this season. The pickle connoisseur on your list would surely appreciate any of these as gifts!

We were not paid to write this story. The products and services mentioned below were selected independent of sales and advertising. However, Simplemost may receive a small commission from the purchase of any products or services through an affiliate link to the retailer’s website.

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You Can Now Buy This Outrageous Christmas Tree Costume At Target

Gift Ideas

OMG, do you know someone who would wear this?

When you think of dressing up for the holidays, a fancy new outfit might come to mind. Something sparkly and red, perhaps? Or maybe you go the fun route and bust out the trusty ol’ ugly sweater. If you thought your outfit this year was going to be the best, however, Target is here to say “not so fast.”

Apparently, ugly sweaters are out this year and, well, becoming an entire Christmas tree is in. This is no joke, people — Target is actually selling a full Christmas tree costume, complete with present boxes for shoes.

You seriously can’t make this stuff up. Take a look.


The Christmas Tree with Shoe Boxes adult costume costs $60 and is only available online and in a size large. The massive tree is made of polyester and features a gold star on top, red ornaments and shiny silver garland. It also comes with gift boxes with which to cover your shoes because what tree would be complete without presents?!

(And I thought my plan to go to my family Christmas Eve celebration as the Grinch was going to be awesome. Now I’m just hoping someone else doesn’t show up in this).

Christmas Contest GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Just be sure to order soon, because these babies seem to be going fast.

If this is a bit too much decking of the halls for you, Target also has some more subtle costumes, like this Mrs. Claus suit for $35, or you can dress the entire family up as elves. You can also go as everyone’s favorite elf with this fun Buddy the Elf costume for $42.99 — just make sure to bring some of these delicious ‘Elf’ sugar cookies with you if you’re heading to a party!

If the Christmas tree costume is just the right amount of jolly but you’d rather be something other than a tree — have no fear, Target is here for that, too! Both $45, you can take inspiration from outdoor decorations and be your own a giant inflatable Santa or snowman!


You have seriously outdone yourselves this year, Target. Will you be ordering any of these fun costumes to wear this holiday season?

Oreo Dunking Sets Have Arrived For The Holidays

Food & Recipes

Add this to your wish list!

If you’ve ever thought to yourself, “You know what? I could really use a contraption to dunk this stack of Oreos in this glass of milk,” then you’re in luck.

It turns out that an Oreo dunking kit exists, and it’s arrived just in time for the holiday season. No more milky fingertips!

Instagram user @snackbetch first came across the Oreo Ultimate Dunking Kit at their local Rite Aid and, of course, had to share the glorious gift with the world:

Designed by Frankford Candy and sold on for $17.98, the boxed kit comes with three Oreo packets, two Oreo-branded glass mugs, two plastic blue cookie stackers and two red tongs to help you dunk your Oreos. And after you and your partner in crime finish twisting, licking and dunking your cookies, you can clean up with the Oreo-branded napkins that are included.

In other words, say goodbye to the milk-and-cookie-crumb mess!


That’s not the only gift set that would excite the Oreo-lover in your life. Frankford Candy also sells the Oreo Milkshake Gift Set, which includes two mugs, an ice cream scooper, two straws and two packages of Oreos. Like its dunking brethren, the milkshake kit is also sold on

Give It A Seasonal Spin

While you’re dunking cookies, why not give it a seasonal spin? Just in time for the holidays, Oreos is launching a limited-edition peppermint bark variety that is sure to put you in a festive mood.

According to the @junkbanter Instagram account, Oreo first broke the news of the seasonal flavor at the Sweets & Snacks Expo in Chicago. According to the post, the company decided to upgrade their peppermint Oreos by adding “crunchy sugar crystals” to the creme center which, honestly, sounds pretty amazing.

The bad news? These Oreos won’t be available to buy in stores until close to the end of the year, so we have just a bit longer to wait, according to the Junk Banter post.

What’s your favorite way to dunk an Oreo cookie? Would use the dunking set?

Target Is Having A Sale On Character Onesies And Pajamas—Here’s How To Get The Deal

These are so cute! Here’s how to get the deal.

There’s no way to stop it: winter is coming. If thoughts of chilly weather make you long for warm, cozy pajamas, you’re going to want to check out your local Target, where you’ll find character pajamas and onesies for women and children on sale — if you know how to snag the deal.

The 25 percent off deal is good until Nov. 16 for children and Nov. 17 for adult sizes. All you have to do is clip the coupon (or coupons!) you want via the Target Cartwheel app, then head to your local Target store to find the pajamas or onesies you want. Many of them can also double as Halloween costumes, so not only can you stay warm and cozy in the winter, but you can wear them again while trick-or-treating next fall.

Or, you could get started on your Christmas shopping before Thanksgiving. After you see them, you might agree that these union suits seem sure to make your loved ones smile when they unwrap the gift.

Take a look at some of the pajamas you can choose from this week.

Women’s Shark Union Suit

This women’s shark onesie has a hood for added warmth that even features some pretty scary shark teeth. It would be perfect for Halloween, but also for colder nights at home (perhaps watching a classic movie like “Jaws”). You can get it for $20 with the Cartwheel offer.


Girls’ My Little Pony Union Suit

Perfect as a holiday gift for your favorite pony fan, this colorful girls’ My Little Pony union suit is regularly $16.99, but you can now get it for just $12.74.


Women’s Hooded Christmas Present Union Suit

What better way to stay warm over the holidays than by dressing up like a gift! This Christmas onesie has a snowflake pattern and wraps you up in a big gold bow. Now $20, it is perfect for wearing to bed on Christmas Eve.


Boys’ Lego Batman Movie Union Suit

This Lego Batman onesie will keep your little one warm for just $12.74. Doubling as a Halloween costume, it is modeled after the batsuit in the Lego Batman movie and even features a Batman crest on the chest. Plus, those little bat ears are adorable.


Will you be heading to your local Target to get some character pajamas or onesies for 25 percent off?

[H/t: Hip2Save]

We were not paid to write this story. The products and services mentioned below were selected independent of sales and advertising. However, Simplemost may receive a small commission from the purchase of any products or services through an affiliate link to the retailer’s website.

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Miller High Life, The ‘Champagne Of Beers,’ Will Come In Actual Champagne Bottles This Holiday Season

Food & Recipes

What a fun way to celebrate! Do you know someone who would love this?

While most people are popping fancy champagne corks or sipping on White Christmas mimosas during the holidays, if you’re a fan of the simpler things in life, you probably find yourself reaching for some wine or a good old-fashioned beer.

One of those beers, Miller High Life, has a serious vintage vibe that fits right in with the holidays. Debuting on Dec. 30, 1903, the beer was deemed “The Champagne of Bottle Beer” soon thereafter. Yes, it will turn 115 years old right before the New Year. Talk about some nostalgia!

Now, just in time for this holiday season, Miller High Life is bottling the beer in limited-release Champagne-sized bottles to prove they literally are the “Champagne of Beers.” No cork to pop here, as it will be the same top as the beer bottles, but in a 750-milliliter size instead.

Miller Coors Blog

“The Champagne bottles are an amazing way to remind consumers that Miller High Life is the Champagne of Beers,” Taylor Brown, marketing manager for Miller High Life said on the Miller Coors blog. “They give consumers a reason to think about the beer as a special drink for the holidays — something just as festive as Champagne.”

While this is not the first time the bottles have made an appearance, it is their first national rollout after successful market tests in Chicago and Milwaukee. The bottles are wrapped in gold foil and feature the iconic Girl in the Moon image, which was trademarked by Miller in 1907. Does it get any more vintage and nostalgic than that?


Just like the holiday season itself, these bottles won’t be around for long and Brown says once they’re sold out, they’re officially gone. At a much cheaper price than a good bottle of champagne, you can find the Miller High Life champagne bottles in stores nationwide for a suggested retail price of just $3.49.

Will you be buying a Miller High Life champagne bottle for your holiday festivities this year?