Dave Grohl Cooked Barbecue For The Firefighters Tackling California Wildfires

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What a great way to give back to these heroes.

Dave Grohl is best known for being the Foo Fighters’ frontman. But when he’s not rocking out with the band, he’s serving up charitable donations and making barbecue, sometimes all at the same time.

To thank the firefighters currently battling wildfires in California, Grohl offered them some food from his recently launched barbecue joint, Backbeat BBQ.

The firefighters of Fire Station 68 of Los Angeles County posted their gratitude for the kind gesture on Instagram, writing in the caption, “It was awesome to get a visit tonight from Dave Grohl of the @foofighters. He also treated us to some of his own @backbeatbbq. Thanks Dave”:

As far as the ‘cue, well, according to the fire station, “It was excellent!”

The Backbeat BBQ account also posted a photo showing Grohl posed on a fire truck with some of the firefighters. In the caption, Grohl thanked them, adding, “It was an honor to cook for you. – Dave”:

Wildfires began sweeping across California anew on Nov. 8, and firefighters have been working tirelessly to contain them ever since. As of Nov. 14, the Hill Fire was 94 percent contained, and more than 200 people were still missing in the Camp Fire, which was only 35 percent contained, the San Fransisco Chronicle reported.

The fire that devastated Paradise, California, became the deadliest fire in the state’s modern history, according to the New York Times. CNN reports that the death toll for the state is now at 44.

camp fire photo
Getty Images | Justin Sullivan

Firefighters certainly have their work cut out for them, so much so that they’ve enlisted the help of inmates who are part of a volunteer firefighting program run by the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, according to CNBC.

Firefighters from other states are also pitching in, which is common in big wildfires in the west. According to the Missoulian, 73 firefighters from Montana have gone to California to help fight fires for two weeks.

“We are happy to help other states in a time of need,” Jake Ganieany, the response and recovery branch manager for the Montana Department of Emergency Services, told the Missoulian. “We just hope California can get as many resources as they can to fight these fires and keep people safe.”

camp fire photo
Getty Images | Justin Sullivan

With so many people offering much-needed help, it’s no surprise that celebrities like Grohl are making generous donations to firefighters. And Grohl certainly isn’t the only celebrity stepping up to make a difference. Actor James Woods is using his Twitter account to try and help connect people with their families, and Sandra Bullock donated $100,000 to help displaced animals.

For information about how you can donate to help firefighters and others in need, organizations such as California Community Foundation and the California Fire Foundation are great resources.

Häagen-Dazs Peppermint Bark Ice Cream Is Back

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Do you someone who would love this flavor?

While I admit that I spend the end of summer wishing it was pumpkin spice season, by the time Halloween rolls around, I’m already over it and ready for all things peppermint — especially peppermint bark.

There’s just something about white chocolate and peppermint together — and bonus points if the white chocolate is layered with milk chocolate— that makes it my favorite seasonal flavor. And judging by the many peppermint-bark-flavored foods you’ll be able to find this season, I’m clearly not alone.

Mean Girls Your Face Smells Like Peppermint GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Not only will we find peppermint bark Oreos in stores near the end of the year, but there are at least two ice cream brands selling peppermint bark ice cream! While Blue Bell’s peppermint bark ice cream can only be found in certain areas of the country, Häagen-Dazs is filling the gap with not one, but two peppermint bark treats that are already available nationwide.

The peppermint bark ice cream consists of white chocolate ice cream blended with chocolate peppermint bark and peppermint candy pieces. For an extra dose of chocolate, you can also get the peppermint bark ice cream in bar form, with white chocolate ice cream dipped in dark chocolate and sprinkled with peppermint candy pieces.


I can’t help but think this ice cream would be amazing alongside some other peppermint treats, like white chocolate peppermint bark cheesecake or candy cane shortbread.

Or, of course, you could always just dip the peppermint bark bars into the pint of ice cream! Will you be picking up some peppermint bark ice cream before it’s gone again until next season?

You Can Soon Buy ‘Magnum’ Bottles Of Ranch Dressing From Hidden Valley

The perfect gift for the ranch lover in your life!

There’s no denying that Americans have a love affair with ranch dressing. Particularly in the Midwest, where I’m from, people love to put ranch on just about everything.  From salad to pizza to buffalo wings and more, there’s really no food that can’t be made better with a little ranch.

If you agree with that sentiment, you will soon have access to more ranch dressing than you could possibly need with a magnum-sized bottle of Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing. Yup, the limited-edition bottle holds a whopping 1.75 liters of the stuff and will be available online for $25 beginning Dec. 3.

“Let the ranch flavor flow with this limited-edition bottle that comes in a custom-designed box perfect for any holiday occasion,” reads the product description. Check it out:

Hidden Valley Ranch

To give a sense of just how large this huge bottle of ranch is, check it out next to the brand’s regular 8-ounce bottle:

Hidden Valley Ranch

Now, that is a lot of ranch! And here is the custom box it comes with:

Hidden Valley Ranch

How fancy!

For those who not only want to enjoy their ranch but also need to show off their dedication to the dressing, the company has launched a line festive products, including ranch ornaments for the Christmas tree, outdoor inflatable ranch bottles to put up in the yard and pizza-and-ranch themed wrapping paper. What a great way to spread holiday cheer and show off your ranch fandom at the same time!

This ranch-themed ugly Christmas sweater is guaranteed to make you the best-dressed guest at any holiday party:

Hidden Valley Ranch

Do you know a ranch-lover who would swoon over a gift from Hidden Valley this holiday season?

This Corn Casserole Is Easy To Throw Together When You’re In A Hurry

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If you’ve never tasted the creamy goodness that is corn casserole, you’re in for a treat. Every Thanksgiving and Christmas, we whip up multiple dishes of this holiday staple. It’s both delicious and ridiculously easy to make, only requiring five ingredients. And if you’ve got a sweet tooth, you can sweeten it up with a sprinkle of sugar, making it the perfect dessert-like side dish (next to your candied yam, perhaps?).

Blogger Two Sisters Crafting breaks down the simple corn casserole dish on her blog, which also includes easy-to-follow directions of the process, start to finish. Using only one bowl, you mix all the ingredients, pop it in the oven, top it with cheese and voila!

Her version is a more savory style, one she describes as a “cornbread-like dish.”

Two Sisters Crafting

For another savory, slightly more nuanced version of corn casserole, head to Spend With Pennies. The recipe there incorporates fresh herbs into the mix. Buttery and golden in color, she opts for fresh corn over frozen, though she admits the frozen variety works just as well. For an extra special casserole, she adds in crumbled bacon, minced onion and/or jalapenos and a cup of cheddar cheese. What’s not to love?

Spend With Pennies

Another standard version of the corn casserole, or corn pudding, can be found at Tastes of Lizzy T. Though her recipe is, again, just five ingredients, she suggests several variations. For a lighter, fluffier pudding, add two eggs, and for a sweeter style, add more sugar.

I personally love more of a souffle-style pudding, so we opt for adding eggs and sugar. The options are pretty much endless.

If trying out these corn casseroles gets you fired up for making all casseroles, all the time, check out these 15 casseroles you can make for under $4 per serving.

What type of corn casserole do you prefer?

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This Slow Cooker Stuffing Recipe Will Make Cooking For The Holidays So Much Easier

Food & Recipes

If stuffing isn’t already your favorite holiday side dish, it’s about to be!

Preparing for Thanksgiving dinner requires a lot of prep work so, obviously, we welcome any shortcuts that make cooking for the big day easier. So when you see this recipe — which makes prepping easier without sacrificing taste — you’ll want to make it a staple in your kitchen. Ready for the big reveal? Behold this slow cooker stuffing recipe.

The Crock-Pot Stuffing recipe that will save you some major time in the kitchen this season comes from the Spend With Pennies website. It’s great because it’s homemade — which beats stuffing from the box — but only requires minimal effort.

All you need to create this amazing dish is bread, chicken broth, eggs, celery, onion and spices. The Spend With Pennies website also walks you through the best types of bread for making stuffing and how to dry it out on your own.

The recipe does require some minimal effort before you add it all to the crockpot. You’ve got to season and saute the onions and celery and then mix it all together. But as you can see in this video from the Spend With Pennies YouTube channel, it’s all very easy to get to that final slow cooker step:

Once you’ve got the ingredients combined, you throw them in the crockpot and let them slow cook for four hours. They’ll be ready to be served immediately, or can even be made 24 hours in advance to get one step out of the way before Turkey Day. How amazing is that?

When the stuffing’s all warmed and ready, it’ll look a little something like this:

Spend With Pennies


Speaking of Thanksgiving, here’s something to be thankful for. This stuffing recipe isn’t the only slow-cooked version of classic sides that can be served up for the holiday.

For instance, Gimme Some Oven has a recipe for slow-cooked cranberry sauce that will make your Thanksgiving preparations all the easier. Orange juice, water, sugar, cranberries and some time in the crockpot will yield a delicious turkey topping:

Gimme Some Oven

This recipe from Dinner Then Dessert will walk you through the steps to yield perfectly delicious macaroni and cheese that takes little to no effort to make:

Dinner Then Dessert

And mashed potatoes — a dish that can be a labor of love thanks to all the peeling, boiling and mashing — can have almost all of the work taken out of them thanks to hours spend slow cooking. This recipe from Cooking Classy shows you how to create creamy garlic mashed potatoes right in your crockpot:

Cooking Classy

Who’s ready to keep the actual hands-on cooking at a minimum and opt for these time-saving recipes this Thanksgiving?

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Apple Pie Bars Might Just Replace Apple Pie At Your Holiday Meals This Year

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They sound delicious!

There’s nothing quite as classic as good ol’ apple pie, but if that’s what you’ve brought to holiday gatherings every year, you may be in the mood to switch things up. To present that traditional, nostalgic flavor in a brand-new form, we’ve got just the thing: apple pie bars!

This recipe from Tastes of Lizzy T will walk you through how to create a dessert that’s part apple danish, part apple pie — and 100-percent delicious.

A major thing that separates this dessert from a traditional apple pie is the fact that it’s served up in a 9 x 13 pan, and can therefore yield more servings. No double-pie-baking for you this year.

Using little more than flour, butter, eggs and sugar, you’ll make your own crust. Next, layer on the apple slices and spices. Sounds like apple pie so far, right?

Here’s where it gets interesting: There’s a layer of crushed corn flakes in between the apples and the bottom layer of crust to keep the crust from becoming soggy. And if that wasn’t enough to set this dessert apart, you’ll also top it with an almond glaze.

Tastes of Lizzy T

If you like the idea of creating a pie bar instead of a pie this year, this is only the beginning. For instance, this recipe for apple pie bars from Sally’s Baking Addiction calls for a healthy amount of salted caramel and a crunchy streusel crust on top for a take on apple pie that’s delicious — and far from average.

Sally’s Baking Addiction

This version from What Molly Made uses homemade snickerdoodles as the “crust,” giving this dessert even more cinnamon and brown sugar flavor, plus the ooey-gooey texture of a cookie.

What Molly Made

If you’re really looking to mix things up, you could use this recipe from Mom On Timeout, which combines classic apple pie ingredients with cheesecake to yield a tasty treat that’s basically two desserts in one.

Mom On Timeout

Ready to throw caution to the wind and create a new holiday tradition? Use these recipes as inspiration to change up the way you enjoy apple pie this year!

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Attention Parents: Jell-O Is Introducing Edible Slime

Family & Parenting

Do you know kids who would love this? Here’s where you can get it.

This has been the year of the slime. And, now, Jell-O is taking slime to the next level by making it edible! Yep, that’s ooey, gooey, droppy, floppy, sticky, icky slime that you can actually eat.

This isn’t the first time that edible slime has made waves on the internet, but those previous versions were homemade and required lots of parent preparation and cleanup. No, thanks. Holidays are busy enough without worrying about cleaning up slime from off the kitchen counter and your favorite nonstick pot.


That’s why we are so happy that the culinary geniuses at Jell-O have created a gelatin slime which comes in two delicious-sounding flavors: Unicorn Slime (strawberry-flavored) and Monster Slime (lime-flavored).

Despite their wacky appearances, they are 100-percent edible and the company claims its slime will easily wash off of skin or clothing with just soap and water. Plus, it’s easy to make.

All you have to do is put 3 scoops of the slime mixture into a bowl, add a scoop of warm water and stir it for 30 seconds. Then add a tablespoon of warm water … and dunk your hands in and start playing! When you’re done, you can eat the Jell-O slime, or lick it off your fingers as you go.

Kraft Heinz

If you want to try Jell-O Play Slime, you can preorder it right now on Amazon. It doesn’t officially come out until Dec. 1, but you might want to move fast if you don’t want to worry about it selling out. This would definitely make an awesome stocking stuffer or Hanukkah gift!

One jar costs $9.99 on Amazon, and there is enough in each can for two sessions of play. (Or should we say two servings of play?)

For people who want to play with their food even more, this slime is just one of the exciting new items from the new Jell-O Play line. The new collection boasts kits that help kids build edible toys, including Jell-O Mud, Jell-O edible stickers, Jell-O Jigglers and Jell-O Play build-and-eat kits.

Kraft Heinz

“Jell-O Play is a toy you can eat,” said Katy Marshall, marketing and sales lead at Kraft Heinz, in a press release about the new brand. “There are no rules to what you can make when you let your creativity out of your head, onto your plate and into your mouth.”

We were not paid to write this story. The products and services mentioned below were selected independent of sales and advertising. However, Simplemost may receive a small commission from the purchase of any products or services through an affiliate link to the retailer’s website.

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Hot Chocolate Floats Are The Perfect Holiday Drink

Food & Recipes

The hot fudge alone is making us drool.

With the holiday season right around the corner, you’re guaranteed to make and drink many mugs of hot cocoa. That’s why it’s high time to upgrade your hot chocolate game.

Powder hot cocoa packets have cut it for many years. What they lack in flavor they make up for with speed and convenience. They earned a special place in our hearts and nostalgia but they don’t belong in our mugs anymore. Rich, creamy homemade hot chocolate does, and it’s easier to make than you’d think.

And to make your hot cocoa even more festive for the holidays? Add a big scoop of vanilla ice cream to make a hot chocolate float. The ice cream creates a frothy, foamy layer that lasts all the way to the bottom of the mug. Like this hot chocolate float from Delish:

The hot fudge alone is making us drool.

Curious what else is out there? The recipes below are rich, fudgy and full of chocolate flavor — plus they’re so easy you can try them all!

This recipe from Sugar Hero, for example, includes fudge sauce and ice cream over creamy, homemade hot chocolate. The beverage is, quite simply, mind-blowing.

Sugar Hero

This recipe from Rachael Hartley Nutrition, meanwhile, ups the ante with gelato. But that’s not all. The decadent hot cocoa base is anything but basic. It includes cocoa powder, chocolate chips and maple syrup.

Rachael Hartley Nutrition

We also endorse trying other hot cocoa recipes and just adding in the à la mode afterward. This recipe from Fifteen Spatulas, for one, keeps things simple and delicious. It seems that the key to creamy homemade hot cocoa is melted chocolate.

Fifteen Spatulas

And Smitten Kitchen’s recipe for a giftable homemade hot cocoa mix is almost too delicious to give away. It includes two kinds of chocolate, as well as a bit of vanilla bean to make it extra special.

Smitten Kitchen

We bet those powder packets are already a distant memory.

The USDA Is Recalling 90,000 Pounds Of Ground Turkey After A Salmonella Outbreak

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Yikes! Check your fridge.

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, the US Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service has recalled turkey products linked to a salmonella outbreak.

Jennie-O Turkey Store Sales, LLC recalled 91,388 pounds of raw ground turkey products after the USDA found that a sample of the products tested positive for a salmonella reading matching the outbreak strain.

The samples were from a Sept. 11, 2018 production, and, according to the USDA, the rest of the products shipped nationwide.


The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention first announced the outbreak linked to raw turkey products in July, but more people have gotten sick, bringing the total to at least 164 in 35 states. One person in California has died, and 63 people have been hospitalized.

The outbreak started in November 2017. It’s unclear where the turkey at the center of this outbreak came from, as there doesn’t appear to be one centralized distributor, the agency said. This could mean that “it might be widespread in the turkey industry.”

Lab tests show that the salmonella came from a variety of products, including ground turkey and turkey patties. Tests showed that it’s also been in live turkeys and pet food.

The US Department of Agriculture and the CDC have been working with the industry, asking what steps could be taken to reduce this kind of contamination, and the investigation is ongoing.

Symptoms of salmonella infection include fever, diarrhea and stomach cramps, and they usually last four to seven days. Most people recover without treatment. In rare cases, the infection can cause death if a patient is not treated promptly with antibiotics.


There are an estimated 1.2 million salmonella cases in the United States annually, and various foods are to blame for about 1 million of those illnesses, according to the CDC.

The CDC said that if you plan to handle raw turkey, make sure you are extra careful: Wash your hands after touching it. Cook products thoroughly to avoid getting sick. Thaw turkeys in the refrigerator, not on the counter.

Written by Jen Christensen and Madeline Holcombe for CNN. 

™ & © 2018 Cable News Network, Inc., a Time Warner Company. All rights reserved.

How To Make Canadian Flapper Pie

Food & Recipes

Here’s a round up of some of the best recipes out there!

Some foods are so regionally specific that people outside of a certain geographic area have never even heard of them, let alone tasted the dishes. Such is the case with flapper pie.

What Is Flapper Pie?

The creamy custard pie is a traditional dish from the prairies of western Canada. The name seems to stem from the fact that the pie originated in the 1920s, the era of the flapper girl. The recipe has been handed down through generations, though not many families seem to be as familiar with flapper pie as they once were.

Flapper pie is a decadent combination of three components: a cinnamony, graham cracker crust, a vanilla custard filling and a sky-high meringue topping.

How To Make Canadian Flapper Pie

Flickr | Wilson Hui

Once you make your first flapper pie, there’s a good chance it will become part of your dessert repertoire. You likely have most, if not all of the ingredients on hand, and the process is relatively simple (once you know a few tips and tricks).

The main reason you’ll fall in love with flapper pie, though, is because it tastes amazing.

The pie has a simple graham cracker crust. However, some fans of flapper pie, such as Karlynn Johnston at The Kitchen Magpie say a pinch of cinnamon in the crust makes it special. You can also reserve a bit of the crumb mixture to sprinkle over the finished pie.

Kitchen Magpie

The filling is a simple vanilla custard. Although some bakers add a splash of brandy or lemon juice, others say anything besides pure vanilla is not a true flapper pie. This recipe from Dinner with Julie celebrates the satisfying simplicity of classic vanilla pudding.

Dinner With Julie

The silky, sweet treat is finally topped with thick meringue. Sarah Schultz shares her flapper pie at Nurse Loves Farmer, and she suggests making the meringue before the filling. She says pouring the meringue onto the hot filling prevents “weeping.” Don’t make it too far in advance, though, or the meringue might start to slip off the custard.

Nurse Loves Farmer

Making it too far in advance also means somebody might eat it all. Seriously, this is some good pie!

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