Attention Parents: Jell-O Is Introducing Edible Slime

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Do you know kids who would love this? Here’s where you can get it.

This has been the year of the slime. And, now, Jell-O is taking slime to the next level by making it edible! Yep, that’s ooey, gooey, droppy, floppy, sticky, icky slime that you can actually eat.

This isn’t the first time that edible slime has made waves on the internet, but those previous versions were homemade and required lots of parent preparation and cleanup. No, thanks. Holidays are busy enough without worrying about cleaning up slime from off the kitchen counter and your favorite nonstick pot.


That’s why we are so happy that the culinary geniuses at Jell-O have created a gelatin slime which comes in two delicious-sounding flavors: Unicorn Slime (strawberry-flavored) and Monster Slime (lime-flavored).

Despite their wacky appearances, they are 100-percent edible and the company claims its slime will easily wash off of skin or clothing with just soap and water. Plus, it’s easy to make.

All you have to do is put 3 scoops of the slime mixture into a bowl, add a scoop of warm water and stir it for 30 seconds. Then add a tablespoon of warm water … and dunk your hands in and start playing! When you’re done, you can eat the Jell-O slime, or lick it off your fingers as you go.

Kraft Heinz

If you want to try Jell-O Play Slime, you can preorder it right now on Amazon. It doesn’t officially come out until Dec. 1, but you might want to move fast if you don’t want to worry about it selling out. This would definitely make an awesome stocking stuffer or Hanukkah gift!

One jar costs $9.99 on Amazon, and there is enough in each can for two sessions of play. (Or should we say two servings of play?)

For people who want to play with their food even more, this slime is just one of the exciting new items from the new Jell-O Play line. The new collection boasts kits that help kids build edible toys, including Jell-O Mud, Jell-O edible stickers, Jell-O Jigglers and Jell-O Play build-and-eat kits.

Kraft Heinz

“Jell-O Play is a toy you can eat,” said Katy Marshall, marketing and sales lead at Kraft Heinz, in a press release about the new brand. “There are no rules to what you can make when you let your creativity out of your head, onto your plate and into your mouth.”

We were not paid to write this story. The products and services mentioned below were selected independent of sales and advertising. However, Simplemost may receive a small commission from the purchase of any products or services through an affiliate link to the retailer’s website.

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This Elaborate ‘Titanic’-themed Proposal Is Going Viral


We’d say he nailed it! Congratulations to the happy couple!

Fans of the 1997 blockbuster film “Titanic” consider the ill-fated relationship between Jack and Rose one of the all-time best on-screen romances. One man even went so far as to let the film inspire his surprise proposal to his girlfriend, and it turned out beautifully.

When Jeremy Brown asked the love of his life, Mori Madrid, to marry him, he had her wear a maroon gown similar to the one Kate Winslet, who plays Rose, wore in the movie. He wore a replica of Leonardo DiCaprio’s (Jack’s) tuxedo from the movie. Brown then blindfolded Madrid and brought her to the Titanic Museum in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.

At the bottom of the grand staircase, an exact replica of the ship’s original staircase, Brown got down on one knee and asked Madrid to marry him while “My Heart Will Go On,” the film’s hit theme song by Celine Dion, played in the background.

Watch the whole romantic scene play out in the video below, posted to the museum’s Facebook page:

The video now has more than 1.6 million views. While she’s still wearing a blindfold, Madrid is visibly nervous as Christina Collins, the museum’s event and wedding planner, guides her. She says she has no idea what to expect. When Collins removes the blindfold and hands Madrid a note, she opens it and reads it aloud: “Meet me at the clock. Make it count,” which is a line from the movie.

After she accepts his proposal, they share a kiss as the museum’s staff cheers and claps. In addition to an engagement ring, Brown also gives his new fiance a replica of the Heart of the Ocean necklace Rose wears in the movie.

“Titanic” is one of the Houston couple’s favorite movies, so Brown knew his surprise would resonate with Madrid. He told her they were on their way to a ball, so Madrid did not know he was about to ask her to marry him.

“It was almost like being in the movie yourself,” Madrid told Fox 17 of the elaborate proposal. “It was just amazing. It just made me feel like the movie. It was so beautiful and unique, this was so above!”

Although the museum has hosted proposals before, the one Brown staged is one for the books.

“We do normal proposals, but those are just, as you tour the museum, you get to the grand staircase and as they are walking up, they propose,” Collins told Yahoo Lifestyle. “But Jeremy wanted to make it an event.”

We’d say he nailed it! Congratulations to the happy couple!

You Can Score This Delta Deluxe Multi-Bin Toy Organizer And Kids Table Set For $45 (Regularly $110)

Cleaning & Organization

Catch this deal while it lasts!

‘Tis the season for Christmas movies, holiday treats and, if you’re a parent, more kids’ toys than your home can reasonably accommodate. While it’s certainly fun to watch your little ones open presents on Christmas morning, the reality quickly sets in that you now have to find a place to store and organize all their new stuff.

Luckily, if you’re expecting an influx of toys in your house soon, Amazon is offering a sale on this multi-bin toy organizer which also comes with a kids table and chair set. Priced separately, the organizer is $32 and the table and chairs are $96, but if you order them together, you’ll only pay $45.49 — a savings of around $84!


The organizer, table and chairs are all made of wood and recommended for indoor use with children ages 3 and up. The organizer includes four regular-sized bins, three double-sized bins and two extra-large bins.

In order to get the deal, you must choose “natural/pine” as the color, but that’s the only catch. The organizer plus table and chair combo ship in 1-3 weeks, so they will be here by Christmas — just in time for all the new toys!

Christmas Morning Vintage GIF by US National Archives - Find & Share on GIPHY

Will you be ordering these play room staples for any little ones on your shopping list?

We were not paid to write this story. The products and services mentioned below were selected independent of sales and advertising. However, Simplemost may receive a small commission from the purchase of any products or services through an affiliate link to the retailer’s website.

A Family ‘code Word’ Helped Save This 10-year-old Girl From A Possible Kidnapping

Family & Parenting

This could be lifesaving.

Authorities are asking people to be on alert after a man in a white SUV attempted to lure a 10-year-old girl in San Tan Valley, Arizona on Nov. 14.

According to the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office, shortly before 4 p.m., a 10-year-old girl was walking with a friend near a park in the North Pecan Creek neighborhood when a man driving a white SUV pulled up next to them.

The man reportedly told the girl that her brothers were in a serious accident and that she needed to go with him. The girl then asked the man what the “code word” was, but the man did not know and drove off.

“Kudos to the parents of this child for having a code word and talking about to their children about stranger danger,” said Sheriff Mark Lamb. “We hope by putting this out, it will encourage parents to have that conversation and create a plan with their children, so they know what to do if they are in that situation.”

The SUV has been reportedly seen circling the park several times a day, according to children who live in the neighborhood.

“This is generally what I consider a pretty safe area, I’ve never heard of anything bad,” said Patrick McDonald, who lives nearby.

“This one time, it saved my daughter’s life,” said Brenda James, the girl’s mother.

James talked to KNXV and the media so that other parents could learn about code words as she did.

“We actually just came up that few months ago. So it was something really recent from a story that I read,” James said.

The man is described as being possibly in his 40s with a short beard. The man reportedly covered most of his face with his hand while talking to the girl to conceal identifying features, officials said.

“I’ll definitely be going home and having a talk with my daughter and developing a code word at the very least,” said McDonald.

Anyone with information or sees the suspect, you are asked to call PCSO at (520)-866-5111 with any information.

Written by Jeff Popovich for KNXV.

Copyright 2017 Scripps Media, Inc. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.

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These No-Bake Chocolate Peanut Butter Haystacks Will Quickly Become Holiday Favorites

Family & Parenting

So easy and so delicious!

This time of year, it seems like everyone is baking for the holidays. If you’re looking for some delicious treats but you’re not big on baking, get ready to fall in love with these no-bake chocolate peanut butter haystacks from Simply Stacie.

No oven is required, you only need four ingredients and the haystacks only take about 15 minutes to put together. The blogger notes that she’s been making these treats since she was a teenager and you can mix and match the flavors for your ideal combination. For example, you can use butterscotch chips in place of chocolate chips.

Simply Stacie

Because they’re so easy to make and don’t even require any actual baking, haystacks can be a great way to get kids involved in the kitchen. The kids will feel proud of their accomplishment, and they get to share the results with friends or family.

Check out this recipe for chocolate haystacks from Kraft. The treats look like chocolate critters, and colored candies can be used for eyes. So cute!

Kraft Recipes

Many recipes for haystacks start with chocolate, but whether you use dark, semi-sweet, white or another variety is up to you. This recipe from To Simply Inspire can be made with your choice of chocolate as well as your choice of nuts, like almonds, pecans or cashews.

To Simply Inspire

If you’re looking for even more delicious no-bake desserts, there are a ton out there. Pumpkin pie is a staple on Thanksgiving, but did you know that you can make one without using an oven? And no, we’re not talking about buying it from the bakery. Check out this recipe from Kraft for a no-bake pumpkin pie made from cheesecake mix. Genius!


Cannoli cheesecake sounds like a divine dessert that would require hours of work in the kitchen, but this recipe for a no-bake version from Cooking on the Front Burners will take just 15 minutes of your time to make.

Cooking on the Front Burners

Less time in the kitchen means more time spent with loved ones at the holidays!

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Prince Charles Has One Big Worry For Meghan Markle And Prince Harry’s Baby

Celebrities & Pop Culture

Prince Charles got more personal than normal at a recent speaking engagement.

Everyone in the British royal family is preparing for the arrival of a new member, as Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are expecting their first child together. It’s natural for family members, and in particular parents and grandparents, to worry about every little detail of a new baby’s life. When it comes to his grandchild-to-be, Prince Charles has a global concern on his mind.

“I am about to have another grandchild, actually. I suspect quite a few of you may too have grandchildren or will do soon,” Charles said while addressing the crowd in a speech he gave during a royal visit to Ghana.  “It does seem to me insanity if we are going to bequeath this completely polluted, damaged and destroyed world to them. All grandchildren deserve a better future.”

prince charles charlotte photo
Getty Images | Chris Jackson

He went on to call for improved measures in the fight against pollution, particularly as it pertains to the ocean.

“A good start has been made,” Charles said. “The matter of plastic debris in the environment, in particular the ocean, is now on the agenda. We do, however, need to keep it there as the amount of plastic entering the ocean every year is, unbelievably, set to get worse rather than better. We cannot, indeed must not, allow this situation to continue. A solution is achievable and simply has to be done for all our sakes — and, above all, for the long-term viability of all those species in the sea which are already suffering unbearably because of our actions.”

prince charles photo
Getty Images | Chris Jackson

Charles also met with artists and environmental activists that are working toward new uses for recycled plastics.

In May, Harry acknowledged his father’s work on behalf of the environment and other charitable causes.

“I ask everyone here to say a huge thank you to you, for your incredible work over nearly 50 years,” Harry said in a speech at the Prince of Wales’ Patronage Celebration.

The Hilariously Relatable Reason This Woman Used Her Cousin’s Hand For An Engagement Picture

Family & Parenting

This story is too funny. What a good cousin!

Diana, a nurse from Melbourne, Australia, was caught off guard when her boyfriend Jose dropped to one knee to propose to her. So much so that she didn’t have her nails done!

While she was excited for the photos that came after she said, “yes,” how could she show off that ring with unpolished nails? Thankfully, her cousin Jenna was there to lend a hand, quite literally.

The happy and hilarious moment was caught on camera and shared on Twitter.

“My cousin’s boyfriend proposed to her but she didn’t have her nails done,” the tweet read:

Since posting the photo that shows the happy moment — plus an angle revealing how the photo came to be — the tweet has gone viral, garnering nearly 1 million likes and a lot of comments,

Twitter user @ccoopactress couldn’t help but point out that this is what friends are for.

“Gotta have good girlfriends around at all times,” her tweet reads.

While others see the “true friend” status of this, some like Twitter user @KariKillz are joking that her boyfriend should have made sure her nails were done — just a warning to the guys out there:

Some, like Twitter user @looovesarah, even regret that they didn’t think of something like this when they were proposed to:

These reactions prove that this is a problem women can relate to. So clearly, these cousins were onto something when they came up with this idea!

Jenna later took to Twitter to explain why she had to step in to help her cousin out.

“Diana is a nurse so she never has her nails done,” she wrote on Twitter. “José planned this surprise proposal [and] couldn’t really get her to do her nails without raising suspicion.”

As for the balloons and flowers, Diana was tricked into thinking they were for another occasion.

“José convinced Diana that the celebration was for his parent’s [sic] wedding anniversary, before getting on his knees and revealing that it was all really for her,” Jenna explained on Twitter.

Overall, the couple described the moment as “perfect” in an interview with “Good Morning America.”

As far as the photos go, Diana said, “We thought it was so funny and just for laughs, but it actually worked out really well.”

Because you’d never know it was her cousin stepping in to show off the ring if they hadn’t let all of Twitter in on the secret!

And in case you were wondering, Jenna is going to be there to help Diana along on her way to becoming a bride, and not just because of her help following the engagement.

“I’ve known this for years, but Jenna will definitely be my maid of honor,” the cousin shared on “Good Morning America.” “It’s something I want her to be a part of, and it will make it more memorable to have her by our side.”

So, manicure or no, this was a successful proposal and, with Jenna by her side, we have a feeling the wedding will run perfectly smooth, too!

Congratulations to the happy couple!

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Celebrities Who Have Tons Of Children

Celebrities & Pop Culture

These famous folks have big broods.

Family size is shrinking in many countries — including the U.S. And just like the rest of us, in the celebrity world, it’s a rare thing to see families with more than three or four kids.

There are exceptions, of course. And there are plenty of celebs who have increased their kid count through multiple marriages and relationships. But did you know that all of these famous people had this many kids?

Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan has five children with first wife, Sara Lownds: Jesse, Anna, Samuel and Jakob, and adopted daughter Maria, from Lownds’ previous relationship. Dylan also had a daughter, Desiree, with Carol Dennis, whom he was secretly married to for six years.

So it seems that he has six children, but things are complicated with Dylan. He had another common-law wife and a long list of girlfriends, and a former girlfriend has suggested the singer perhaps fathered two more children that have not been acknowledged.

bob dylan photo
Getty Images | Kevin Winter


Madonna has a total of six children. Lourdes Leon (pictured below, right), her daughter from a relationship with Carlos Leon, is the eldest. Rocco Ritchie is her other biological child, fathered by her ex-husband Guy Ritchie. Ritchie and Madonna also adopted David Banda. Madonna later adopted Mercy James (below, left), and twins Estere and Stella, on her own.

madonna children photo
Getty Images | Michelly Rall

Mick Jagger

Mick Jagger must get a lot of satisfaction from his large brood of children. He has eight kids, and it’s kind of a complicated family tree! Karis Jagger is from his relationship with Marsha Hunt. Jade Jagger is his daughter from his first marriage to Bianca Jagger; when Jade became a grandmother in 2014, Mick became a great-grandfather. Elizabeth (who goes by Lizzy), James, Georgia and Gabriel Jagger are his children with second wife, Jerry Hall. Lucas Jagger is his son with Luciana Gimenez. Deveraux Jagger is his child with Melanie Hamrick.

mick jagger photo
Getty Images | Michael Hickey

Elon Musk

Tesla founder Elon Musk had six children with his first wife, Justine Musk. Their first son, Nevada Alexander, died at 10 weeks old of SIDS. They also had twins, Griffin and Xavier, and triplets, Damian, Saxon and Kai. Musk did not have any children with his second ex-wife, Talulah Riley (pictured).

elon musk talulah photo
Getty Images | Pool

Angelina Jolie And Brad Pitt

Though they have now split, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt created a large family together: Maddox, Zahara, Pax, Shiloh and twins Vivienne and Knox. The last three are their biological children. Jolie adopted Maddox before she was in a relationship with Pitt, though he later adopted Maddox and sister Zahara. The two didn’t marry until long after the twins, the youngest members of the family, were born, and all six children were in the wedding.

Nickelodeon's 28th Annual Kids' Choice Awards - Show
Getty Images | Kevin Winter

Eddie Murphy

Eddie Murphy has nine children and a 10th on the way. Seven of his kids are shown in the photo below, from left to right: Shayne, Bria, Miles, Christian, Bella, Zola and Eric Murphy. Eric is Murphy’s child with Paulette McNeely. Bria, Miles, Shayne, Zola and Bella are Murphy’s children with ex-wife Nicole. And Christian is Murphy’s son with Tamara Hood Johnson. Murphy also has a daughter, Angel, with Mel B of Spice Girls fame. With girlfriend Paige Butcher, Murphy has a daughter, Izzy, and their second, his 10th, is due in December 2018.

Getty Images

Kris Jenner

Kris Jenner of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” fame has six children. Kourtney, Kim, Khloé and Rob are Kris’ children with first husband, Robert Kardashian. She has two children, Kendall and Kylie, with Caitlyn Jenner.

Kardashian Kollection Launch Party
Getty Images | Jason Merritt

Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson has nine children. Hannah, Edward, Christian, William, Louis, Milo and Thomas are Gibson’s children with ex-wife Robyn Denise Moore. The couple broke up when Moore found out Gibson was expecting a child with Oksana Grigorieva. Gibson and Grigorieva had daughter, Lucia, before splitting up. Gibson also has a son, Lars, with current girlfriend Rosalind Ross.

89th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals
Getty Images | Frazer Harrison

The Duggars

It’s all in the name: “19 Kids and Counting” and its spin-off reality shows on TLC tell you just how many kids Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have. In order, they are: Joshua, twins Jana and John-David, Jill, Jessa, Jinger, Joseph, Josiah, Joy-Anna, twins Jedidiah and Jeremiah, Jason, James, Justin, Jackson, Johannah, Jennifer, Jordyn-Grace and Josie.

duggars photo
Getty Images | Handout

Clint Eastwood

Clint Eastwood has seven children. Kimber Eastwood is his daughter with Roxanne Tunis. Kyle and Alison are his children with ex-wife Maggie Johnson. Scott and Kathryn are his children with Jacelyn Reeves. Francesca is his child with ex-partner Frances Fisher. Morgan is his child with second ex-wife Dina Ruiz. (Alison and Scott are pictured at right below.)

clint eastwood photo
Getty Images | Rodin Eckenroth

Kate and Jon Gosselin

Kate and Jon Gosselin had eight kids together — hence the name of their reality show, “Jon and Kate Plus 8,” which later became “Kate Plus 8” after the couple divorced. Twins Cara and Mady are the oldest. Then there are the sextuplets: Aaden, Alexis, Leah, Joel, Collin and Hannah.

Getty Images

Steven Spielberg

Director Steven Spielberg has six children. The eldest, Max, is from his first marriage, to Amy Irving. Spielberg has five children with his wife, Kate Capshaw: Theo and Sasha (who have a band called Wardell together), Sawyer, Mikaela and Destry (pictured below). Capshaw also has a daughter, Jessica, from a previous relationship.

spielberg children photo
Getty Images | Rob Kim

Tori Spelling

Tori Spelling and her husband Dean McDermott have five children together: Liam, Stella, Hattie, Finn and Beau.

“I was pregnant for years,” Spelling told Us Weekly. Later in the interview, she said she hadn’t grown up in a big family, so, “It’s surprising that I never even thought I would want this many kids. Just watching them all together is such a special thing. I can’t even imagine it any other way.”

tori spelling photo
Getty Images | Matt Winkelmeyer

Mike Tyson

Controversial boxer Mike Tyson has eight or nine children, depending on how you look at it. (D’Amato Tyson is not Tyson’s biological son, though he thought he was at the time of his birth, before a paternity test showed otherwise.)

Mickey is Tyson’s daughter with Kimberly Scarborough. Rayna and Amir are Tyson and second wife Monica Turner’s two children, though he also considers Turner’s daughter Gena his own. He had two children, Exodus and Miguel, with ex-partner Sol Xochitl; Exodus died tragically in a hanging accident when she was just 4. Milan (below, left) and Morocco (below, front) are his children with third wife, Lakiha “Kiki” Spicer (shown below with Miguel, right). (Tyson did not have children with his first wife, Robin Givens.)

mike tyson photo
Getty Images | Neilson Barnard

Kevin Costner

Kevin Costner has had a prolific career and a prolific fatherhood. He has three children with his ex-wife and college sweetheart Cindy Silva: Annie, Lily and Joe. A short relationship with Bridget Rooney led to his son Liam. Costner married his second wife, Christine Baumgartner, in 2004, and the two have three children together: Cayden (below, middle), Hayes and Grace.

kevin costner kids photo
Getty Images | Alberto E. Rodriguez

Willie Nelson

Musician Willie Nelson has seven kids. He and his first wife, Martha Matthews, had Lana, Susie and Billy together. Billy died by suicide in 1991. With his third wife, Connie Koepke, Nelson had daughters Paula and Amy, who are both musicians. He shared two sons with fourth and current wife, Annie D’Angelo: Lukas and Micah. The two boys tour and perform with their famous father.

willie nelson family photo
Getty Images | David Buchan


Sting has four kids with second wife, Trudie Styler: Brigitte (who goes by Mickey), Jake, Eliot (shown below, center) and Giacomo Luke. He also has two kids from his first marriage, to Frances Tomelty: Joe and Kate. Sting has said he doesn’t plan to leave his fortune to his kids, telling the Daily Mail, “I certainly don’t want to leave them trust funds that are albatrosses round their necks.”

sting children photo
Getty Images | Kevin Winter

Mia Farrow

Mia Farrow has 14 children, four biological and 10 adopted. Her biological kids are two sets of twin boys Matthew and Sascha, and Fletcher and Satchel, who now goes by his middle name, Ronan. Her adopted children are Soon-Yi, who famously went on to marry Farrow’s ex-partner Woody Allen; Lark, who died after a long illness in 2008; Summer, who goes by Daisy; Moses Farrow; Dylan, who is pictured below, at left; Tam, who died in 2000; Isaiah; Gabriel “Thaddeus”, who died by suicide in 2016; Quincy; and Frankie-Minh.

mia farrow family photo
Getty Images | Ben Gabbe

Marie Osmond

Marie Osmond, of the famous Osmond singing family, has eight children. She had son Stephen James Craig with her first husband, Stephen Craig, whom she divorced and later remarried. Marie had seven children with second husband, Brian Blosil. Together they adopted five children — Jessica, Michael (who died by suicide in 2010), Brandon, Brianna and Abigail (below) — and had two biological children, Rachael and Matthew.

Marie Osmond Debuts Her Marie Lifestyle Collection
Getty Images | Ethan Miller

Kirk Cameron

Kirk Cameron and his wife, Chelsea Noble, are parents to six children. The oldest four — Jack, Isabella, Anna and Luke — are adopted. Their two youngest are their biological children, Olivia and James. Each of the kids is only a year apart in age.

kirk cameron wife photo
Getty Images | Rick Diamond

Billy Ray Cyrus

Country singer Billy Ray Cyrus has one particularly famous daughter, Miley Cyrus. But he also has five other children. Cyrus had a son, Christopher, with Kristin Luckey. He had Miley, Braison and Noah with his wife, Leticia “Tish” Finley Cyrus, and he adopted her two children, Brandi and Trace.

billy ray cyrus family photo
Getty Images | Kristian Dowling

Rod Stewart

Rod Stewart has eight children. His first child, Sarah Streeter, who was given up for adoption, was from his relationship with Susannah Boffey. He and first wife, Alana Hamilton, had two children, Kimberly and Sean. Stewart also had a daughter named Ruby with ex-girlfriend Kelly Emberg. His second wife, Rachel Hunter, and he had two kids, Renee and Liam. Stewart and his third wife, Penny Lancaster, have two boys, Alastair and Aiden.

rod stewart kids photo
Getty Images | Kevin Winter

Chris O’Donnell

Actor Chris O’Donnell has five kids with his wife, Caroline Fentress. Pictured below in 2015 with their parents, they are, from left: Maeve, Finley, Charles, Christopher and Lily. O’Donnell has said he and his wife didn’t plan to have five kids, but youngest child, Maeve, was a pleasant surprise.

Getty Images

Sean Combs

Sean “Puffy Daddy” Combs is a family man. He has six children and says he’d love to have 10. His kids are Quincy Brown, Justin, Christian, twin girls D’Lila Star and Jessie James, and daughter Chance. After Combs landed at the top of Forbes’ list of richest hip-hop artists, he told People, “That doesn’t matter to me. I don’t care about the Forbes list. I care about being a great dad.”

sean combs kids photo
Getty Images | Allison Shelley

Evander Holyfield

Boxer Evander Holyfield has so many kids he has had trouble keeping up with child support. His 11 children from three marriages and multiple other relationships are: Ewin Ezekiel, Elijah Esaias (who plays football at University of Georgia), Evette Ashley, Eleazar Evan (an aspiring boxer), Eli Ethan, Elijah Jedidiah, Eden Eloise, Eve Elizabeth, Evander Jr., Ebonne Esheal and Emani Winter Holyfield.

evander holyfield photo
Getty Images | Paul Marotta

Lauryn Hill

Singer Lauryn Hill has six children. Zion, Selah, Joshua, John and Sarah are her kids with former partner Rohan Marley. Her son Micah is her child with an unknown (to the public, at least) father. Marley is the son of Bob Marley, who himself was the father to many children.

lauryn hill photo
Getty Images | Theo Wargo

Duane Lee Chapman

Duane “Dog the Bounty Hunter” Chapman has a big brood of 12 children. His first child, Christopher, with girlfriend Debbie White, was given up for adoption. He and his first wife, La Fonda Sue Honeycutt, had Duane Lee II and Leland; both have worked in the family bounty-hunting business. He and second wife, Anne Tegnell, had a son, Zebediah, who died less than a month after he was born, and Wesley and James (J.R.) Chapman. With third wife Lyssa Rae Brittain, he had three children: Barbara Katie (B.K.) (who died in a car accident), Tucker and “Baby” Lyssa Rae. Fifth wife Beth Barmore Chapman, who co-starred on their reality show, had two children with Chapman, Bonnie Joanne and Garry. Dog also adopted Beth’s daughter, Cecily.

dog the bounty hunter photo
Getty Images | Frazer Harrison

Jermaine Jackson

Jermaine Jackson, Michael Jackson’s brother, has eight children, and a fairly complicated family tree. He and his first wife, Hazel Gordy, had Jermaine “Jay” Jr., Autumn and Jaimy Jermaine. He had two children with Margaret Maldonado: Jeremy and Jourdynn. He had three children with his second wife, Alejandra Oaziaza (who also had two children with Jermaine’s brother Randy): Jaafar, Jermajesty (both shown below) and Donte, who Oaziaza raised after he was adopted by Jermaine’s parents. His third wife Halima Rashid (pictured below) did not have children with Jermaine. Jermaine is now engaged to 23-year-old Maday Velazquez so it’s possible more children are in the cards for him.

jermaine jackson photo
Getty Images | Frederick M. Brown

Kevin Federline

Kevin Federline has six kids. Before he married Britney Spears, Federline had two kids with ex-fiancee Shar Jackson: Kori Madison and Kaleb Michael. Spears and Federline had two sons, Sean Preston and Jayden James. Federline and his current wife, Victoria Prince, share two daughter, Jordan Kay and Peyton Marie.

2004 Billboard Music Awards - Arrivals
Getty Images | Frazer Harrison

Robert De Niro

Actor Robert De Niro has six children. Adopted eldest child, Drena (pictured below), is the daughter of his first wife, Diahnne Abbott. He also had son, Raphael, with Abbott. He and former partner Toukie Smith had twin boys, Julian and Aaron. DeNiro had two children with second wife Grace Hightower, a son, Elliot, and a daughter, Helen Grace.

robert deniro daughter photo
Getty Images | Kevin Winter

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Flu Shots Vs. Nasal Spray Vaccines — What’s The Difference?

This is good news for those who cringe at the sight of needles!

Good news for shot-averse kids and others who cringe at the sight of needles: After a two-year hiatus from the market, the nasal spray flu vaccine has been re-formulated and is back as we enter the 2018-2019 flu season.

FluMist was first licensed in 2003, and was welcomed as a needle-free alternative to the flu shot, which made it especially easy to administer in school clinics. But in 2016, a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advisory committee stopped recommending FluMist because it didn’t perform well against a particular flu strain, the H1N1 strain. In some cases, the nasal spray vaccine offered only 3-percent protection for children between ages 2 and 17, compared with up to 63-percent protection from the shot.

While we call it “the flu” in general, influenza can actually be caused by various strains, which evolve. Every flu season, there are predominant strains of the virus, so medical experts predict which strains will be most active, and they formulate the vaccines in response. This year, a re-formulated nasal spray is once again an option, and the CDC states on its fact sheet that “no preference is expressed for any influenza vaccine over another”

“The main advantage of the nasal spray is that it’s painless,” says Dr. Robert Segal, co-founder of, which allows patients to book appointments online. “It’s the best alternative for those who don’t like needles.”

Health Clinic Offers H1N1 Vaccinations
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In fact, offering the painless alternative to the shot could help health officials achieve their goal of getting 70 percent of Americans vaccinated. (At last count, only about half of the country gets a flu vaccination, which are recommended for those over six months of age).

Here’s what else you need to know about the return of nasal spray vaccine.

Who Is Eligible For The Nasal Spray?

FluMist Quadrivalent, the nasal spray, is approved for use in non-pregnant individuals who are ages 2 to 49. However, some people with medical conditions should not receive the nasal spray flu vaccine.

Some of those conditions include: Children ages 2 to 17 who are taking aspirin or salicylate-containing medication; people who have weakened immune systems; those who are age 5 and up who have asthma; and others with conditions such as lung disease, heart disease, kidney disease, or neurological or neuromuscular disorders. You can find more information about who is eligible for the nasal spray at

So, if you’re in the right age bracket without any limiting conditions, how do physicians decide which version to offer?

Swine Flu Vaccine Testing Begins In Iowa
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“Some physicians might prefer the injectable vaccine — in fact, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends it — but in general, patient preference and vaccine availability drive the process,” explains Dr. Amesh A. Adalja, a board certified infectious disease physician and a senior scholar at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security.

As stated above, the American Academy of Pediatrics, in a statement, recommended the shot, saying the academy believes it’s the most effective and that it remains to be proven whether the nasal spray will be effective against H1N1 this year.

An advantage to the nasal spray, though, is that it’s a live vaccine and administered in the nasal passages, Adalja says. Because of that, it may mimic a natural flu infection more closely, which, in turn, could provide better influenza protection, he explains.

Dr. Frank Illuzzi, chief medical officer at CityMD, and a board-certified physician in emergency medicine, recommends patients speak with their medical providers about the different flu vaccine options to determine which one is the best fit for them.

“I encourage people to not delay, and to get a flu vaccine,” Illuzzi says. “The CDC recommends all individuals over the age of six months get a yearly flu vaccine and that is the best protection against the virus.”

For example, during 2016-2017, flu vaccinations prevented an estimated 5.3 million influenza illnesses, 2.6 million flu-associated medical visits and 85,000 flu-associated hospitalizations, according to the CDC.

Is The Nasal Spray As Effective As The Shot?

The short answer: Yes, it’s expected to be, according to the CDC, which isn’t placing preference on any single vaccine.

Flu season runs from October until May, peaking in January and February. Right now, it’s early in the flu season and health professionals have just started tracking flu cases and the types of strains that are most common, Illuzzi explains.

“The CDC and local departments of health keep track of this information and report it back to clinicians on a weekly basis,” he says. “The preliminary results seem promising that this year‘s flu vaccines appear to be a good match.”

The monitoring is done by the CDC’S U.S. Flu Vaccine Effectiveness Network, and similar studies are conducted in the United Kingdom, Canada and Finland, explains Dr. Chris Ambrose, franchise head with U.S. Medical Affairs, respiratory division at AstraZeneca, the maker of the FluMist Quadrivalent. The CDC provides vaccine estimates several times throughout the season, and typically early estimates are reported in February and the full season estimates come in June, Ambrose says.


How Does FluMist Work?

The nasal spray vaccine starts working where the flu typically starts, which is in the nose, explains Ambrose. To provide flu protection, it works in your nose, cells and bloodstream, he says. Similar to other live vaccines (think: the chicken pox vaccine), FluMist Quadrivalent contains a weakened live virus. It will not cause the flu, but it does trigger your immune system to build antibodies throughout the body to help fight against the flu virus, Ambrose explains.

Need to get your flu vaccine? Here’s how to find a clinic near you.

Also, if you want to go for the bonus round in your flu-shielding efforts this year, in addition to getting a flu shot, we’ve rounded up some tips on how doctors and nurses stay healthy during flu season.

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Yoga And Meditation Are On The Rise Among Both Adults And Kids

Family & Parenting

It can benefit people with certain medical issues. Have you ever tried yoga or meditation?

More Americans are turning to forms of complementary medicine such as yoga, meditation and chiropractors, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s National Center for Health Statistics.

The National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health, part of the National Institutes of Health, says in reports released Nov. 8 that more than 30 percent of US adults and about 12 percent of children use “healthcare approaches that are not typically part of conventional medical care or that may have origins outside of usual Western practices.”

Complementary medicine is when these practices are used alongside conventional medicine.

“Many people turn to complementary health approaches, such as yoga and meditation, in order to help with symptom management, such as pain. As well, they turn to these approaches for a general sense of wellbeing,” Richard Nahin, the lead epidemiologist at the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health and co-author of the reports, wrote in an email.

The reports, which were compiled using data from the National Center for Health Statistics’ National Health Interview Survey, looked at the use of yoga, meditation and chiropractors between 2012 and 2017.

yoga photo
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The practice of yoga rose from 3.1 percent of the overall child population in 2012 to 8.4 percent in 2017 and from 9.5 to 14.3 percent in adults, equating to about 4.9 million children and 35.2 million adults doing yoga in 2017.

Meditation use went up from 0.6 percent of children in 2012 to 5.4 percent in 2017 and from 4.1 percent of adults in 2012 to 14.2 percent of adults in 2017.

The use of chiropractors in children stayed essentially the same — about 3.5 percent of children visited chiropractors in both years. There was a small difference for adults, from 9.1 percent in 2012 to 10.3 percent in 2017.

Who’s Turning To Yoga And Meditation?

More females are doing yoga in both age groups in 2017: 11.3 percent of girls, compared with 5.6 percent of boys, and 19.8 percent of women, compared with 8.6 percent of men.

Meditation and chiropractors were more popular with adult women surveyed, but in children, the rates of use between boys and girls were similar.

Among children, those between 12 and 17, were the most likely to either meditate or visit a chiropractor.


For adults, yoga was found to be most popular with 18- to 44-year-olds, and meditation and chiropractors were used most by those in the 45-to-64 age group.

Racially, white non-Hispanics were the most likely to use all three methods in both age groups.

Though the patterns of use were the same as in previous years for children, according to the report, there were changes in adult usage.

“The popularity of meditation surpassed that of seeing a chiropractor to become the second most-used approach among those examined in 2017,” the report said.

The Benefits Of Yoga And Meditation

All three methods of complementary medicine appear to have health benefits, Nahin said. Yoga may improve general well-being, and evidence is increasing that it helps with some aspects of wellness, including mental health and stress management. It can also helps relieve lower back and neck pain.

He also noted that research suggests that meditation can help with medical problems, including symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome, and that the spinal manipulation of chiropractic research could help low back pain as well as problems such as whiplash-associated disorders.

Written by Naomi Thomas for CNN.

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