Dave Grohl Cooked Barbecue For The Firefighters Tackling California Wildfires

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What a great way to give back to these heroes.

Dave Grohl is best known for being the Foo Fighters’ frontman. But when he’s not rocking out with the band, he’s serving up charitable donations and making barbecue, sometimes all at the same time.

To thank the firefighters currently battling wildfires in California, Grohl offered them some food from his recently launched barbecue joint, Backbeat BBQ.

The firefighters of Fire Station 68 of Los Angeles County posted their gratitude for the kind gesture on Instagram, writing in the caption, “It was awesome to get a visit tonight from Dave Grohl of the @foofighters. He also treated us to some of his own @backbeatbbq. Thanks Dave”:

As far as the ‘cue, well, according to the fire station, “It was excellent!”

The Backbeat BBQ account also posted a photo showing Grohl posed on a fire truck with some of the firefighters. In the caption, Grohl thanked them, adding, “It was an honor to cook for you. – Dave”:

Wildfires began sweeping across California anew on Nov. 8, and firefighters have been working tirelessly to contain them ever since. As of Nov. 14, the Hill Fire was 94 percent contained, and more than 200 people were still missing in the Camp Fire, which was only 35 percent contained, the San Fransisco Chronicle reported.

The fire that devastated Paradise, California, became the deadliest fire in the state’s modern history, according to the New York Times. CNN reports that the death toll for the state is now at 44.

camp fire photo
Getty Images | Justin Sullivan

Firefighters certainly have their work cut out for them, so much so that they’ve enlisted the help of inmates who are part of a volunteer firefighting program run by the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, according to CNBC.

Firefighters from other states are also pitching in, which is common in big wildfires in the west. According to the Missoulian, 73 firefighters from Montana have gone to California to help fight fires for two weeks.

“We are happy to help other states in a time of need,” Jake Ganieany, the response and recovery branch manager for the Montana Department of Emergency Services, told the Missoulian. “We just hope California can get as many resources as they can to fight these fires and keep people safe.”

camp fire photo
Getty Images | Justin Sullivan

With so many people offering much-needed help, it’s no surprise that celebrities like Grohl are making generous donations to firefighters. And Grohl certainly isn’t the only celebrity stepping up to make a difference. Actor James Woods is using his Twitter account to try and help connect people with their families, and Sandra Bullock donated $100,000 to help displaced animals.

For information about how you can donate to help firefighters and others in need, organizations such as California Community Foundation and the California Fire Foundation are great resources.

Katherine MacGregor From ‘Little House On The Prairie’ Has Died

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This is sad news.

Little House on the Prairie” fans have said goodbye to another great star. Katherine “Scottie” MacGregor, who played the mean-spirited Harriet Oleson on the long-running series, died Tuesday, Nov. 13, in Woodland Hills, California. She was 93.

Born Dorlee Deane MacGregor in 1925, the late actor had built a career in the theater before transitioning to television and film. She starred as Harriet Oleson, the sassy and gossipy general store owner’s wife, in 153 episodes of “Little House on the Prairie,” and the role undoubtedly made MacGregor a household name.

Learn more about MacGregor’s life in this video posted to YouTube by Access:

MacGregor had taken a step back from acting after “Little House on the Prairie” came to an end. A devout Hindu, MacGregor was said to have gone on a pilgrimage in India during the filming of the series’ 1984 TV movie “The Last Farewell.” But she did appear in the short film “The Lottery” in 2014.

Before joining the cast of “Little House on the Prairie,” MacGregor played a longshoreman’s mother in the 1954 film “On the Waterfront” and appeared on Broadway in the 1958 show “Handful of Fire.” She also had guest-starring roles on “All in the Family,” “Ironside” and a few other popular series in the 1960s and 1970s.

Following the news of her passing, “Little House on the Prairie” fans took to social media to pay tribute to MacGregor. Twitter user @Bill_Pritchard called MacGregor “a gifted comedian” who was “perfect at portraying the lady you loved to hate.”

Another Twitter user, @mickisuzette, wrote that the NBC drama was “a huge part” of their childhood.

MacGregor’s co-stars also took to social media to honor the late actor. Melissa Gilbert, who played Laura Ingalls on “Little House on the Prairie,” shared a still from the show to her Instagram account, writing in the caption that MacGregor had “taught me so much… about acting… vintage jewelry… life.”

Alison Arngrim, MacGregor’s TV daughter, also posted a tribute to her Facebook page, writing that her “second mother has now gone to her rest.”

Her representative confirmed that MacGregor had been living at the Motion Picture Fund Long-Term Nursing Care facility in Woodland Hills when she passed away. A cause of death has yet to be announced.

Celebrities Who’ve Helped Out During The California Fires

Celebrities & Pop Culture

It’s inspiring to see so many people coming together in this time of need.

The California wildfires have displaced more than 300,000 people since they started burning on Nov. 8. Among the people left without homes are the many celebrities who call The Golden State home.

The devastation of the blazes has inspired some stars to help out in a number of ways. Famous people such as Ellen DeGeneres and Miley Cyrus have donated money to aid in the efforts of helping anyone affected by the fires.Some A-listers are even pitching in to serve firefighters food and help families reconnect with each other through their platforms on social media.

Several notable businesses have given money to the cause as well. Here are some celebrities and major companies that have worked to make this terrible circumstance more manageable for all those involved:

Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth

Miley Cyrus lost her house in one of the wildfires. A representative for The Malibu Foundation told CNN that she and boyfriend Liam Hemsworth donated $500,000 through Cyrus’ Happy Hippie Foundation. The representative said the funds will be used for “those in financial need, emergency relief assistance, community rebuilding, wildfire prevention and climate change resilience,” according to CNN.

miley cyrus liam hemsworth photo
Getty Images | Dia Dipasupil

Sandra Bullock

The Oscar-winning actress reportedly donated a total of $500,000 to aid all those affected. She gave $100,000 to the Humane Society, to help displaced animals, and $400,000 to the American Red Cross. According to People magazine, Bullock also offered the American Red Cross this moving statement:

“The untold destruction from these fires is heartbreaking, especially following the tragedy at Borderline in Thousand Oaks. I’m glad to be able to help. We’re all family in this, whether it be human, furry or feathered.”


Ellen DeGeneres

DeGeneres teamed up with Walmart to donate $100,000 to the firefighters who are working tirelessly to contain the wildfires. She made the announcement on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” as you can see in this clip from the show’s YouTube channel:

Dave Grohl

Foo Fighters front man Dave Grohl passed out barbecue to firefighters who were working to put out the wildfires. Fire Station 68 in Calabasas posted to Instagram about the kind deed and the “excellent” food:

Guy Fieri

Grohl isn’t the only star who had the idea to help feed firefighters! Celebrity chef Guy Fieri also helped keep firefighters from going hungry while on the job. The Butte County Sheriff Department tweeted about Fieri’s ability to “[fill their] bellies and [lift their] spirits”:

Khloe Kardashian

On Instagram, Khloe Kardashian documented a trip to CVS in which she bought water and granola bars for firefighters and first responders. She reportedly said in the video:

“Here at CVS, I basically got everything they had in stock. I got as many waters as I could. I know the brave men and women working so hard, tirelessly for all of us will greatly appreciate it. So please just do whatever you can, even if it’s one bottle of water, one container of eye drops, one granola bar, anything. I know they would appreciate it,” she said.

Her mom, Kris Jenner, posted about her daughter’s good deed to her own Instagram:

Gerard Butler

Butler lost his home in one of the wildfires and it inspired him to encourage others to donate to a GoFundMe page set up to help people impacted across the state. He posted about the donation drive on Twitter:

James Woods

The “Hercules” actor has turned his Twitter account into a way of helping families reconnect. He’s posting updates about lost family members to help those who were separated while evacuating get in touch.

james woods photo
Getty Images | Alberto E. Rodriguez


In addition to celebs, several major companies that are based in California have made generous donations to the wildfire relief efforts. Among them was Disney, which released a statement announcing it had donated $500,000 to help firefighters.

“The firefighters are true heroes, and we honor their tireless commitment as they continue to battle these devastating wildfires,” Disney Chairman and CEO Bob Iger said in the statement. “Our hearts go out to the families and communities that have been so severely affected.”

walt disney photo
Getty Images | Handout


Facebook reportedly announced it was donating $250,000 to the American Red Cross and matching up to an additional $500,000 in donations made through the social media platform, according to the New York Post.

facebook photo
Getty Images | Alexander Koerner

It’s inspiring to see so many people coming together in this time of need. If you’d like to donate or help in any way, here is some information on how to help those affected by the California wildfires.

Elton John Stars In A New Christmas Commercial, And You’ll Probably Want To Have A Tissue Handy Before You Watch


This is very moving.

British company John Lewis & Partners is proving that sometimes Christmas cheer can come with a healthy dose of happy tears. The retailer selected Elton John to star in its new holiday commercial, and when you give it a watch, there won’t be a dry eye in the house.

The commercial begins with a modern-day John sitting at a piano. As he plays, the audience is taken through a series of flashbacks highlighting major moments in his career — from playing in bars to performing in huge venues. And, of course, there’s the moment when he was given his very first piano as a Christmas gift.

See it all unfold in this video from the John Lewis & Partners YouTube channel. Oh, and keep the tissues handy:

The advertisement comes full circle when you realize the piano John was gifted as a boy is the same one he’s playing at the very beginning of the commercial. It’s a tear-jerker, for sure, and it does an excellent job of driving home the main point: Some gifts are more than just a gift.

In case you were wondering, the famous musician himself was touched by the commercial’s portrayal of his life, too.

“It was incredibly moving to see such treasured memories reimagined on the screen. No matter what happens in your life, those moments from your childhood mold you, and stay with you forever,” John said in a statement on the John Lewis & Partners website.

This isn’t the first time John Lewis & Partners has absolutely nailed it with a commercial, either. Remember the “Bohemian Rhapsody” cover that was circling the internet a few months ago? Yep, that was done by this company, too.

To jog your memory, here’s the John Lewis & Partners rendition of Queen’s hit song from YouTube:

In this ad, the goal was to prove that collaborating as a group can often lead to “something magical.”

“We wanted to show that really interesting things can happen when people feel part of something and they work together to create something magical,” Paul Knott, the creative director for communications agency adam&eveDDB said of the project in a behind-the-scenes interview.

Thoughtful videos like these remind you that the season is all about coming together to create some magical memories.

Happy holidays!

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This Elaborate ‘Titanic’-themed Proposal Is Going Viral


We’d say he nailed it! Congratulations to the happy couple!

Fans of the 1997 blockbuster film “Titanic” consider the ill-fated relationship between Jack and Rose one of the all-time best on-screen romances. One man even went so far as to let the film inspire his surprise proposal to his girlfriend, and it turned out beautifully.

When Jeremy Brown asked the love of his life, Mori Madrid, to marry him, he had her wear a maroon gown similar to the one Kate Winslet, who plays Rose, wore in the movie. He wore a replica of Leonardo DiCaprio’s (Jack’s) tuxedo from the movie. Brown then blindfolded Madrid and brought her to the Titanic Museum in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.

At the bottom of the grand staircase, an exact replica of the ship’s original staircase, Brown got down on one knee and asked Madrid to marry him while “My Heart Will Go On,” the film’s hit theme song by Celine Dion, played in the background.

Watch the whole romantic scene play out in the video below, posted to the museum’s Facebook page:

The video now has more than 1.6 million views. While she’s still wearing a blindfold, Madrid is visibly nervous as Christina Collins, the museum’s event and wedding planner, guides her. She says she has no idea what to expect. When Collins removes the blindfold and hands Madrid a note, she opens it and reads it aloud: “Meet me at the clock. Make it count,” which is a line from the movie.

After she accepts his proposal, they share a kiss as the museum’s staff cheers and claps. In addition to an engagement ring, Brown also gives his new fiance a replica of the Heart of the Ocean necklace Rose wears in the movie.

“Titanic” is one of the Houston couple’s favorite movies, so Brown knew his surprise would resonate with Madrid. He told her they were on their way to a ball, so Madrid did not know he was about to ask her to marry him.

“It was almost like being in the movie yourself,” Madrid told Fox 17 of the elaborate proposal. “It was just amazing. It just made me feel like the movie. It was so beautiful and unique, this was so above!”

Although the museum has hosted proposals before, the one Brown staged is one for the books.

“We do normal proposals, but those are just, as you tour the museum, you get to the grand staircase and as they are walking up, they propose,” Collins told Yahoo Lifestyle. “But Jeremy wanted to make it an event.”

We’d say he nailed it! Congratulations to the happy couple!

Guy Fieri Serves Dinner To Firefighters And First Responders Battling California Wildfires

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Here’s how the famous foodie and other celebrities have stepped up to help.

The wildfires that started in California on Nov. 8 are still raging on. As of Nov. 13, the Camp Fire in Northern California, the deadliest in modern California history, was only 35 percent contained and the death toll had risen to 48, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

Firefighters and first responders are hard at work to make the area safe for residents again, but they’ve got no easy job ahead of them. Other states have sent in firefighters to help those in California, inmates who are part of the volunteer firefighting program run by the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation are also pitching in.

It’s going to take a group effort to get these fires out, and even famous foodie Guy Fieri has stepped up to help out in a way he can, even serving food to the men and women who are fighting to restore the area again.

The Butte County Sheriff’s Office tweeted about Fieri’s kind efforts on Nov. 11:

“Guy Fieri made a surprise visit to serve dinner to everyone at the law enforcement staging area at Butte College,” the tweet read. “Thank you so much Guy for filling our bellies and lifting our spirits.”

In preparation for serving the firefighters, Fieri tweeted a photo of giant pots and pans full of delicious-looking food:

Fieri also posted a tweet letting everyone know just how grateful he was for all of their hard work:

“In today’s tumultuous world, it’s amazing to see our fire fighters, military, law enforcement and first responders come together to rescue our communities devestated [sic] by fire,” he wrote. “So many great people stepping up to take care of one another.”

He’s not the only celebrity putting on an apron to make sure the firefighters are well fed for the job at hand, either. Foo Fighters front man Dave Grohl served barbecue to those working to put out the fires.

Fire Station 68 posted to Instagram on Nov. 13, thanking Grohl for his kind deed, while also noting that the food was “excellent.”

While other celebrities may not be serving food, they are using their money and their platforms to help.

Sandra Bullock reportedly donated $100,000 to help animals displaced by the fire, and Gerard Butler, who lost his home in the fire, tweeted asking that people donate to the Los Angeles Fire Department if it’s within their means:

It’s great to see so many people coming together in this time of need. If you’d like to donate or volunteer to help out, the California Volunteers website is a great resource for donations of time or money.

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Super Bowl Halftime Shows—Ranked

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There have been so many memorable performances—it’s hard to choose the best.

The evolution of the Super Bowl halftime show would truly stun most people.

For about the first 25 years the big game was played, the halftime performance was a silly, inconsequential show typically performed by marching bands and dance groups with cheesy themes like “A Salute to the Big Band Era.” Then, in the early 1990s, the shows became something that some fans looked forward to more than the football game itself.

But not all Super Bowl halftime shows have been created equally. We’ve ranked the 30 most recent performances from worst to best. Take a look to find out where your favorite halftime show stands among the rest.

Winter Magic — Super Bowl XXVI (1992)

This painfully ’90s show features the most lackluster singing and dancing of any Super Bowl in the past 30 years. It’s all so cheesy and the costumes look like something a high school show choir would wear. The rap song inspired by Frosty the Snowman, called “Frosty,” may be the low point in halftime history.

The show eventually becomes a tribute to the 1992 Winter Olympics, featuring Dorothy Hamill and Brian Boitano figure skating on giant ice-covered snowflakes, as well as a pointless cameo appearance from members of the 1980 U.S. Olympic hockey team. The show closes with a lip-synched performance by Gloria Estefan — you know, a singer who is most identified with the winter wonderland that is Miami.

Getty Images

New Kids On The Block — Super Bowl XXV (1991)

There’s almost too much to explain with this wacky performance. Sponsored by Walt Disney World, this halftime extravaganza was billed as the first “all-kids Super Bowl halftime show.” It starts uncomfortably with a chorus of little girls in cheerleading outfits and Minnie Mouse singing, “You’ve gotta be a football hero to get along with the beautiful girls.” Not exactly advancing gender equality.

At some point, the show switches to a tribute to the troops when a blond-haired angel of a boy in a little football uniform takes center stage to sing “Wind Beneath My Wings” while footage of American soldiers in the Gulf War is shown. Oh, and did I mention President George H.W. Bush and first lady Barbara Bush also make a videotaped appearance? Eventually, New Kids On the Block close out this manic halftime show with a couple of their hits.

Gin Ellis/Getty Images

The Black Eyed Peas — Super Bowl XLV (2011)

The Super Bowl’s return to current artists after years of classic rockers was, unfortunately, a terrible show. The Black Eyed Peas sounded dreadful from start to finish and Fergie’s take on “Sweet Child O’ Mine” with Slash on guitar made you wish someone had called Axl Rose.

Usher’s dance moves during his guest spot stole the show and make you wonder why he’s never done the show on his own. The best part of this entire lame performance were the green, light-up outfits worn by the people dancing around the stage.

Al Bello/Getty Images

Patti Labelle & Tony Bennett — Super Bowl XXIX (1995)

Where to start with this one? Disney took over producing duties for 1995 and turned the halftime show into an advertisement for its new Indiana Jones attraction at Disneyland. The show is a tribute to the iconic character and even featured a mini “plot” where cheesy versions of Indy and Marion Ravenwood have to steal the Vince Lombardi Trophy.

Along the way, Patti Labelle and Tony Bennett perform, leading to a closing sing-along number of “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” from Disney’s “The Lion King.” The whole thing is a terribly cheesy hype-machine for Disney. The only reason it’s not lower is because Labelle slays it with her vocals at the end — even if they were pre-recorded.

Doug Collier/Getty Images

Justin Timberlake — Super Bowl LII (2018)

The third time Justin Timberlake has been involved in a Super Bowl halftime show was also the weakest by far. Following Lady Gaga is no enviable task, and this low-energy set didn’t live up to the challenge.

He played the hits and did a good job getting the crowd involved but it all just felt underwhelming and like Timberlake was trying way too hard. His inclusion of footage from Prince’s legendary halftime performance drew mixed reviews, especially in The Purple One’s home state of Minnesota.

Getty Images

Salute To New Orleans And ‘Peanuts’ — Super Bowl XXIV (1990)

This bizarre mashup of themes simultaneously honored both New Orleans and the 40th anniversary of Charlie Brown. An animated Woodstock randomly appears several times dancing over the live action, which mostly consists of a chorus of people singing and dancing to traditional NOLA tunes.

“Mr. New Orleans” Pete Fountain closes things down by playing “When the Saints Go Marching In” on clarinet while standing atop a massive riverboat that spans about 35 yards. All the while, terrifying “Peanuts” character costumes dance around the field.

Getty Images

Madonna — Super Bowl XLVI (2012)

Madonna’s long-overdue halftime performance proved that she could handle that stage alone — even though some lame guests were called in to help. Sure, her dance moves looked a little slow and she was obviously lip-synching, but the hits were still awesome and the performance was visually impressive.

Guest spots from M.I.A. and Nicki Minaj gave it an air of women’s empowerment, but seeing LMFAO and Cee Lo Green sharing in Madonna’s big moment is just laughable today. Her performance of “Like a Prayer,” backed by a stadium full of cell phone lights, was a strong finale.

Getty Images

Disney Millennium Celebration — Super Bowl XXXIV (2000)

Disney once again used ABC’s Super Bowl year to promote its intellectual property and theme parks. This time, performers included Phil Collins, Christina Aguilera, Toni Braxton and Enrique Iglesias, making for a better show than their other halftime ads.

This show features many references to the new millennium, reminding anyone who was around back then how much time and energy we spent thinking about that before 9/11. The vocal performances here are all very strong even though the singers don’t do any dancing themselves. This one was all very serious and inspirational.

Getty Images

Motown Salute — Super Bowl XXXII (1998)

Arguably the greatest collection of musical icons to ever appear in a single Super Bowl halftime show happened with 1998’s Motown 40th anniversary celebration. The Temptations, Smokey Robinson, Queen Latifah, Boyz II Men and Martha Reeves each got time to do some Motown hits.

The production values were very basic and the fact that the game was played on the West Coast meant the performance was held in broad daylight, which always takes away from the mood. Sadly, Motown aside, there just isn’t much that was truly memorable about this one.

Getty Images

Diana Ross — Super Bowl XXX (1996)

For the Super Bowl’s 30th anniversary, the halftime show was given to someone who hadn’t had a Top 10 hit in 12 years. With that said, Diana Ross is a legendary performer for a reason and the medley of hits she did would make any Motown fan crank up the TV.

Ross looked great, seemed to be having a good time and ripped through 10 stone-cold classics while also making a few wardrobe changes. But the best part of the performance comes at the end, when a helicopter swoops in, lands at midfield and Ross jumps in and flies out of the stadium to end her performance!

Getty Images

The Blues Brothers — Super Bowl XXXI (1997)

If The Blues Brothers had done halftime at the Super Bowl in 1980, it could have probably topped this list, but the “Blues Brothers 2000” lineup just didn’t have the same might. Dan Aykroyd and John Goodman don’t do much but Jim Belushi gave it his best, even if he had no clue how to sell lip-synching.

Paul Schaffer, James Brown and ZZ Top eventually join the performance, which culminates with everyone singing “Gimme Some Lovin’” while scantily clad women dance and bikers cruise around the stage on Harleys! The whole thing probably would’ve been better if they’d just let ZZ Top rip it up for 12 minutes.

Getty Images

Stevie Wonder & Gloria Estefan — Super Bowl XXXIII (1999)

Tons of energy in this one. This show was billed as a celebration of soul, salsa and swing, which are three styles of music way too rich and distinctive to jam into one 12-minute medley. Big Bad Voodoo Daddy (remember them?) opened the show while a ton of couples did some swing dancing on the field, which was admittedly pretty cool.

From there, Stevie Wonder ripped through some of his greatest hits, making you wonder why he didn’t just do the show himself. Finally, Gloria Estefan kept the energy high and did a few of her songs before teaming with Stevie. I give this one extra credit for all the singers clearly performing their vocals live, which was virtually unheard of at the Super Bowl at this point.

Getty Images

No Doubt & Shania Twain — Super Bowl XXXVII (2003)

Another bizarre lineup of performers, this one also including Sting, gets knocked down for Shania Twain’s entire performance sounding pre-recorded, including the band. She only did two songs before No Doubt took over and Gwen Stefani proved why she has so many fans.

No Doubt immediately took the energy way up and they sounded great, performing while goth cheerleaders bounced around on stage with black pom poms. Finally, Sting joined them for The Police’s classic “Message in a Bottle” and most people had completely forgotten that Shania was part of the show at all.

Getty Images

Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers — Super Bowl XLII (2008)

One of the more understated halftime shows of recent history, Tom Petty’s 2008 performance pleased the crowd with four hits everyone knew by heart. Petty’s low-energy performing style was a stark contrast to Prince and The Rolling Stones, who had preceded him, but he and the Heartbreakers sounded great. If you wanted a halftime show you could sing along with while drinking your beer, this one was a dream.

Getty Images

Chubby Checker — Super Bowl XXII (1988)

This one is cheesy as can be but I’ll be damned if it isn’t fun. The performance was dubbed “Something Grand” and they weren’t lying. It featured 88 grand pianos on the field with pianists of all colors and ages playing boogie-woogie piano to open things up. Then, they are joined by a massive outfit of brass and woodwinds called the “Super Bowl Super Band.”

Throw in 44 leg-kicking members of The Rockettes and a crowd of big-haired women dressed as cheerleaders before Chubby Checker blows the lid off the joint in a silver sequined top at midfield singing “The Super Bowl Twist.” It’s a marvel and a halftime show that’s totally underrated.

The Rolling Stones — Super Bowl XL (2006)

In the mid-2000s wave of classic-rock halftime shows, the Stones showed why they could still sell out stadiums across the world that late into their career. Performing on a stage shaped like their iconic mouth logo, Mick Jagger pranced across the stage like it was 1966.

The band only performed three songs, opting to perform them entirely, rather than going for the medley treatment. This show rocked but the inclusion of 2005’s “Rough Justice,” and the audience’s silent reaction when Jagger announced it, hurt the replay value today.

Getty Images

Country Artists — Super Bowl XXVIII (1994)

The year after Michael Jackson forever changed the halftime show, the game was held in Atlanta and an all-star ’90s country jam was put together. The energy of this show is high from the start, with Clint Black and Tanya Tucker kicking things off with a pair of great songs.

Eventually, Travis Tritt and The Judds round out the show and the crowd goes wild. The fact that the game was in a dome this year helped make the performance look more like an actual concert. When it comes to country music, you either love it or hate it — and if you love it, this show was fantastic. Oddly, it’s the only time country has been the sole music offered at the halftime show.

Getty Images

Coldplay — Super Bowl 50 (2016)

Coldplay brought back a couple of the greatest halftime performers ever to help with their show at Super Bowl 50. This feel-good show managed to jam eight tunes and three top performers into 13 minutes, without a moment of downtime.

Coldplay did some of their most beloved tracks but were immediately upstaged by Bruno Mars and Beyoncé, who came onstage for “Uptown Funk” and “Formation,” each dressed in all-black outfits. Honestly, when Coldplay returned to the stage, the crowd had to be a little disappointed.

Getty Images

Paul McCartney — Super Bowl XXXIX (2005)

After the FCC went crazy over the “wardrobe malfunction” in 2004’s halftime show, classic rockers handled the next six performances. Paul McCartney was first and he did not disappoint in a show definitely aimed at older fans.

Macca and his tight touring band ripped through four fan favorites, including three Beatles numbers. The live audience was hyped the whole time, the stage looked awesome, the band sounded great and McCartney looked like he was having a blast. You can’t ask for much more from a halftime show.

Getty Images

Katy Perry — Super Bowl XLIX (2015)

There’s arguably never been a more visually stunning halftime performance than Katy Perry’s. She kicked it off riding a massive metal lion, performed on a state-of-the-art digital stage, wore multiple outfits and managed to throw a colorful beach party in Arizona. Perry also sounded great, kept the crowd hyped and did her greatest hits. Plus, this performance marked the return of Missy Elliott, who managed to upstage Perry on her own night! This one was a pure feast for the eyes and a ton of fun.

Getty Images

Michael Jackson — Super Bowl XXVII (1993)

Without question, this was the most influential halftime performance ever done. This was what turned the show into a must-see event headlined by a major star. The crowd goes nuts for every move Michael Jackson makes, especially when he launches into “Billie Jean.” The only knock against it is that Jackson’s set list is pretty weak. There’s no “Thriller,” no “Beat It” and no “Bad.” But this performance is still more electric than most others that followed it and forever changed the way the show was produced.

Getty Images

The Who — Super Bowl XLIV (2010)

Despite Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend being in their mid-60s when they played the Super Bowl, no halftime show has ever rocked harder. The band sounded incredible and the stage, loaded with laser-lighting and fog effects, was rock at its most overblown.

The fact that this halftime show aired on CBS and three of the songs performed were used as theme songs for the network’s various “CSI” shows may be suspect but it doesn’t take away from the power of the performance. Just try not to bang your head during “Baba O’Riley”!

Getty Images

Aerosmith & ‘N Sync — Super Bowl XXXV (2001)

When MTV produced the 2001 halftime show, the network came through with a star-studded, crowd-pleasing show that definitely keeps your attention from start to finish. ’N Sync opened it up and got the crowd pumped with “Bye, Bye, Bye” before Aerosmith slowed things down with “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing.” From there, the two acts went back and forth doing then-recent hits.

The inclusion of Britney Spears, Nelly and Mary J. Blige on “Walk This Way” make this one of the most stacked shows ever done. There was nothing self-serious in this last Super Bowl halftime show of the pre-9/11 world, which is exactly how it should’ve been.

Getty Images

Janet Jackson & P. Diddy — Super Bowl XXXVIII (2004)

The most infamous halftime show ever performed kicked off with Jessica Simpson yelling at the crowd and finished with the nipple seen ‘round the world. Before Janet Jackson’s “wardrobe malfunction,” this one was actually a very good halftime show, even if almost the whole thing sounded pre-recorded.

All of Jackson’s performances were great and the inclusion of Nelly and P. Diddy marked the first — and arguably only — time hip-hop was truly incorporated into the show. Kid Rock was also pretty great, slipping a few risque lyrics past the censors and keeping the energy sky high. With or without the nudity, this was a pretty great halftime show.

Getty Images

Bruce Springsteen And The E Street Band — Super Bowl XLIII (2009)

If any American band was born to play a halftime show, it was the E Streeters. From the start, Springsteen commands the entire global audience, telling the viewers to “step back from the guacamole dip” and “turn the television all the way up!” After that, they turned a Tampa football stadium into a New Jersey seaside bar.

The four-song set was nonstop energy and the band sounded incredible as ever. The live crowd could be heard singing along to every lyric of “Born to Run,” and the fact that E Street Band members Clarence Clemons and Danny Federici would be dead within four years makes it a lasting time capsule for fans.

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Lady Gaga — Super Bowl LI (2017)

Opening with a powerhouse performance of “God Bless America” before being lowered from the top of the stadium on wires is the type of move only Lady Gaga could have pulled off. The dynamic performer then proceeded to rip through six career-spanning hits without a single guest artist joining her on stage.

She sounded amazing, she looked fantastic and she proved that she knows how to keep a crowd entertained. Gaga absolutely slayed her shot at the halftime show, proving why she’s one of the most beloved entertainers of her generation.

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Bruno Mars — Super Bowl XLVIII (2014)

About the only person on Earth who could follow Beyoncé’s 2013 halftime performance was Bruno Mars. He showed his unmatched energy and started the performance playing a legit drum solo before jumping right into “Locked Out of Heaven.” The sound was booming and his whole band looked like a million bucks in matching gold jackets and black ties.

The inclusion of the Red Hot Chili Peppers sounds like a terrible idea on paper, but it actually proved to be a great collaboration. The energy was jacked up from start to finish and Mars sounded flawless. This one belongs right near the top of the list.

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Prince — Super Bowl XLI (2007)

Prince’s halftime performance has taken on mythical status, and for good reason. He stood on a massive stage shaped like his infamous name symbol and absolutely owned the night, keeping the energy sky-high and shredding on his guitar. He looked like he was born to play this stage.

It could be argued he leaned too heavily on other artists’ songs, with half of the songs in his performance being covers. However, his closing performance of “Purple Rain,” in the middle of the rain that was falling on the stage, is as legendary as anything that’s ever happened at a Super Bowl — during the game or at halftime.

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Beyonce — Super Bowl XLVII (2013)

From the pyro-filled intro that featured a Vince Lombardi speech playing over Beyoncé being shown on a platform in silhouette, it was clear this was going to be an epic performance. Bey’s electric dance moves, her powerhouse live vocals and her female guitarist who had sparks shooting out of her instrument were just some of the things that made this one of the all-time greats.

The energy was cranked to the hilt from the open and the reunion of Destiny’s Child made fans lose it even more. Beyoncé owned the stage better than anyone since Prince and the moment when she blows a kiss to the camera after “Crazy in Love” is one of the Super Bowl’s best moments. A combination of spectacle, surprise and pure performing muscle, you can make a strong case that Beyoncé had the greatest halftime performance ever — but we rank one a bit higher.

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U2 — Super Bowl XXXVI (2002)

Halftime simply never got better than this. For the first Super Bowl halftime performance after 9/11, U2 was chosen and it turned out to be a perfect call. The atmosphere and direction of the performance looks more like an actual concert than a halftime show and the band elected to do just three songs, each loaded with passion: “Beautiful Day,” “MLK” and “Where the Streets Have No Name.”

During the performance, a massive screen behind the band showed the names of everyone who had died in the attacks, making for arguably the most touching moment in Super Bowl history. If you don’t get chills during the intro to “Where the Streets Have No Name,” you might want to check your pulse. This was an incredible tribute and a powerhouse performance when we all needed it most. There’s never been a better halftime performance than U2’s.

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Garth Brooks Held A Moment Of Silence For The Thousand Oaks Shooting Victims

Books & Music

This is touching.

Country legend Garth Brooks started the County Music Awards on Nov. 14 by paying respects to the 12 people killed at the Borderline Bar & Grill last week.

“On behalf of our country music community I want to say that tonight’s show is lovingly dedicated to the 12 individuals who we lost far too soon just a week ago tonight at the Borderline in Thousand Oaks, California,” Brooks said as a sea of camera phone lights illuminated the stadium. “Tonight let’s celebrate their lives, let the music unite us with love and their enduring memory. So please join me now in a moment of silence.”

garth brooks cmas photo
Getty Images | Michael Loccisano

The Borderline Bar & Grill, is a college country bar 40 miles west of downtown Los Angeles. The night of Nov. 7 turned deadly when a gunman forced his way into the bar and opened fire.

Police later identified the gunman as Ian David Long, a 28-year-old US Marine Corps veteran. He was pronounced dead after officers arrived.


The victims included a veteran sheriff’s deputy, a survivor of last year’s mass shooting in Las Vegas, and a college student.

Written by Chloe Melas for CNN.

™ & © 2018 Cable News Network, Inc., a Time Warner Company. All rights reserved.

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Christmas Movies Everyone Should See At Least Once


What would you add to this list?

When the time of year is right, the weather is just chilly enough and you are lucky to have a few days off work, there’s nothing better than watching a good Christmas movie. And there are so many to choose from: Countless movies over the years, of all genres — from feel-good musicals to gory slasher flicks — have used the holiday season as their backdrop.

Many of them are forgettable and loaded with cheap sentiment, but there are a few that would probably even put a smile on Ebenezer Scrooge’s face. Here are our picks for the Christmas movies that everyone should see at least once.

‘A Christmas Story’ (1983)

For recent generations, “A Christmas Story” has arguably replaced “It’s a Wonderful Life” as the most beloved movie of the holiday season. The blue-collar family it follows is unforgettable, the moments it recounts are almost universally relatable, and lines like “You’ll shoot your eye out” have become quotes we love to repeat.

For the uninitiated, “A Christmas Story” tells the tale of one memorable Christmas from the point of view of Ralphie Parker, a boy who wants nothing more than a Red Ryder BB gun under the tree, and the myriad embarrassing moments he goes through with his endearing family. There’s a reason both TBS and TNT show the film on a loop for 24 hours every Christmas.


‘A Christmas Tale’ (2008)

Provided you don’t mind reading subtitles, this French holiday dramedy is a great Christmas flick for people who consider themselves movie snobs. “A Christmas Tale” is about a large dysfunctional family who gets together at Christmas and learns some difficult news.

You’ll probably recognize a few of the actors from American movies and, unlike any other title on this list, “A Christmas Tale” was screened in competition at the Cannes Film Festival. It is the best-reviewed Christmas movie in all of Metacritic’s history, edging out fan favorites “A Christmas Story” and “The Nightmare Before Christmas.”

The Criterion Collection/Amazon

‘The Apartment’ (1960)

The only movie on this list to win best picture at the Oscars, “The Apartment” isn’t sappy by any measure but shows how the holidays can bring lonely people together and warm their spirits. Jack Lemmon and Shirley MacLaine star, and the great Billy Wilder applies his witty, realistic touch to the script and direction.

This is a serious movie that juggles some serious aspects of the human condition — all against the melancholy backdrop of the holidays in 1960s New York. It’s sort of like a long Christmas episode of “Mad Men” 50 years ahead of its time. The Independent called it the greatest Christmas film ever made.

United Artists/Amazon

‘Arthur Christmas’ (2011)

The newest movie on our list is this animated film with an A-list British cast. It follows Santa’s son, Arthur, who takes it upon himself to deliver a present to one little girl who got missed on Christmas night. James McAvoy, Hugh Laurie and Bill Nighy are just a few of the great actors in the cast.

“Arthur Christmas” has been described as gorgeously drawn, heartwarming and funny for all ages, meaning parents won’t need extra-strength eggnog to get through it. Rotten Tomatoes named it the best feature-length animated Christmas movie ever made.

Columbia Pictures/Amazon

‘Bad Santa’ (2003)

It’s certainly not for everyone, but “Bad Santa” is probably the best Christmas flick for people who like their comedies dark and loaded with f-bombs. It stars Billy Bob Thornton as a low-life thief who poses as a department-store Santa in order to rob stores from the inside.

The supporting cast is fantastic, including “Gilmore Girls” star Lauren Graham and late comedy heroes Bernie Mac and John Ritter. Thornton was basically born to play this role, and he puts every ounce of sleaze at his disposal into this performance.

Buena Vista Pictures/Amazon

‘Christmas in Connecticut’ (1945)

So many of the great American Christmas movies come from Hollywood’s Golden Age, including this zany comedy starring Barbara Stanwyck. She plays a popular newspaper food columnist who writes about her beautiful family and farmhouse in Connecticut while doling out delicious recipes — but in reality, she is a single woman who lives in New York and has the recipes given to her.

When her boss, who is unaware that her life isn’t really like what she writes about, suggests she host a Christmas dinner at her Connecticut home for a returning war hero, she has to figure out how to pull it off and not lose her job. A made-for-TV reboot was directed by Arnold Schwarzenegger in 1992.

Warner Bros./Amazon

‘Die Hard’ (1988)

It’s long been debated whether or not “Die Hard” should be considered a Christmas movie but, in our opinion, it deserves to be mentioned alongside “White Christmas.” The story is essentially about a father trying to make it home to his estranged family for Christmas, and the villain just wants to ruin the holidays for everyone. Since it’s set in L.A., it’s not a snowy film, but the office Christmas party taking place inside the skyscraper that is taken over by German terrorists is loaded with festive imagery.

Entertainment Weekly even went so far as to say “Die Hard” is the perfect Christmas movie … though the story is a response to a poll in which a majority of voters said “Die Hard” is not a Christmas movie. We have a feeling we know how Bruce Willis’ character John McClane would respond to the debate: Yippee ki-yay! — followed by an expletive.

20th Century Fox/Amazon

‘Elf’ (2003)

Dramas and action movies may be tough sells when the family gathers around the TV after Christmas dinner, but a silly comedy is just what Santa ordered. This recent classic gives Will Ferrell the rare chance to show how funny he is while playing a character who is really likable and sweet.

Ferrell plays Buddy, a human who was raised as one of Santa’s elves and spreads his unshakable holiday spirit among the bitter people of New York. It’s undoubtedly goofy but it will make even the grumpiest person laugh and feel good about Christmas. The all-star cast also includes Zooey Deschanel, James Caan, Bob Newhart and Ed Asner as Santa Claus.

New Line Cinema/Amazon

‘Holiday Inn’ (1942)

This is a beloved classic, so even if you’ve never seen “Holiday Inn,” you’ve definitely heard a couple of its musical numbers — probably a million times. Irving Berlin wrote the movie’s original songs, which include “White Christmas” and “Happy Holiday,” both sung by star Bing Crosby.

Crosby and Fred Astaire star as entertainers who vie for the affections of another performer (played by Marjorie Reynolds) while working at a New York club that is only open on holidays. It doesn’t all take place at Christmastime, but the fact that this film introduced the world to those two holiday standards earns it a place on this list.

Paramount Pictures/Amazon

‘Home Alone’ (1990)

Kevin McCallister is a hero to any latchkey kid — or anyone who doesn’t like robbers, for that matter. This ’90s classic follows that young boy, played perfectly by Macaulay Culkin, as he protects his house from two bumbling thieves after his family accidentally leaves him at home during an international Christmas trip.

“Home Alone” has tons of snow, awesome Christmas songs and lessons about the value of family. Plus, it was written by the immortal John Hughes and directed by the guy who did the first two Harry Potter movies. “Home Alone” still stands as the highest-grossing Christmas movie ever made.

20th Century Fox/Amazon

‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ (1946)

In a write-up that declared “It’s a Wonderful Life” to be the greatest Christmas movie ever made, Rotten Tomatoes said it’s also “one of a handful of films worth an annual viewing.” Jimmy Stewart stars as George Bailey, a man on the brink of suicide on Christmas Eve before a guardian angel shows him the positive impact he’s had on the lives of people around him.

“It’s a Wonderful Life” is so connected with Christmas in America that it’s almost a cliche at this point. Before “A Christmas Story,” this was the film that everyone watched on TV every Christmas — and millions still do every year. It just doesn’t get much more heartwarming than this one.

Paramount Pictures/Amazon

‘Jingle All the Way’ (1996)

OK, so it may not be as acclaimed as “It’s a Wonderful Life,” but 1996’s “Jingle All the Way” is definitely worth a watch, especially for anyone who has felt the pain of trying to track down a must-have Christmas toy. This over-the-top comedy stars Arnold Schwarzenegger at his most silly, playing a workaholic dad who is tasked with finding his son’s dream gift, which happens to be sold out everywhere.

Critics trashed “Jingle All the Way,” but it has some of Schwarzenegger’s most quotable lines (“I’m not a pervert!”), and its cast is loaded with comedic talent, including Martin Mull, Jim Belushi, Laraine Newman and Harvey Korman. The film is worth watching if only for the last performance by Phil Hartman that was released during his lifetime.

20th Century Fox/Amazon

‘Joyeux Noel’ (2005)

This is another under-the-radar Christmas film for people who like foreign movies. This French flick tells the true story of a Christmas Eve truce that developed between soldiers on the front lines of World War I. You’ll probably recognize actors like Diane Kruger and Daniel Brühl from the high-profile projects they’ve done in America. If you are someone who loves war movies and historical stories, this one should be on your holiday viewing list.

Sony Pictures Classics/Amazon

‘Kiss Kiss Bang Bang’ (2005)

A few years before he became immortal in “Iron Man,” Robert Downey Jr. gave one of his funniest performances ever in this dark comedy that’s also a great murder mystery set against the backdrop of the holidays. The dialogue is fast-paced, hilarious and R-rated, while the situations in “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” just keep getting more twisted and bizarre as it goes.

This one is perfect for people who love hardboiled detective stories and quirky characters. It’s a deserving staple of lists of holiday films for adults, and Gizmodo called it “the Christmas movie you should be watching.”

Warner Bros. Pictures/Amazon

‘Lethal Weapon’ (1987)

A year before “Die Hard” thrilled audiences with guns-blazing action set against an L.A. Christmas, “Lethal Weapon” did the same thing. This iconic buddy-cop film follows a pair of new LAPD partners who don’t see eye to eye but have to work together to shut down a heroin-smuggling ring.

It may not sound like your typical heartwarming Christmas fare — and it’s not — but to deny it a place among the all-time great holiday films is a crime. The chemistry between Mel Gibson and Danny Glover is palpable, and “Lethal Weapon” spends plenty of time showing how important family and friendship are at the holidays and even has a re-thought suicide attempt that resembles “It’s a Wonderful Life.”

Warner Bros./Amazon

‘Love Actually’ (2003)

This rom-com favorite arguably has more star power than any other movie on this list. A massive ensemble cast teams up to tell several intertwining stories of love that take place during Christmastime. Liam Neeson, Colin Firth, Hugh Grant, Emma Thompson, Alan Rickman and Keira Knightley are just a handful of the incredible actors who play major roles in “Love Actually.”

Is it a bit sappy? No question — but sometimes that’s what you need as the snow is falling outside and you’re curled up on the couch in your warmest comfy clothes.

Universal Pictures/Amazon

‘The Man Who Came to Dinner’ (1942)

There’s some debate as to whether “The Man Who Came to Dinner” should be counted as a Christmas movie, but we’re giving this 1942 comedy gem the benefit of the doubt. It follows a sharp-tongued New York radio personality who slips on ice outside an Ohio family’s home and takes over their lives while staying with them and healing during the holiday season.

“The Man Who Came to Dinner” is almost like the anti-“Elf,” following a cynical city dweller who becomes a fish out of water in a slow-paced, idyllic Midwestern family setting. Out Magazine called the movie a “seminal gay film” due to the lead performance of Monty Woolley. Bette Davis also co-stars.

Warner Bros./Amazon

‘Meet Me in St. Louis’ (1904)

One of Judy Garland’s most beloved performances came in this MGM musical, which follows a wealthy St. Louis family for a year in the early 1900s. To be fair, only about 25 minutes of “Meet Me in St. Louis” are actually set at Christmastime, but those minutes are so iconic that they earn the film a spot on this list. Among the classic songs that were debuted in this movie was “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas,” which Garland, of course, crushes.

Warner Bros./Amazon

‘Miracle on 34th Street’ (1947)

Another black-and-white favorite, 1947’s “Miracle on 34th Street” is the ultra-rare combination of Christmas story and courtroom drama. The movie follows a lawyer who sets out to prove a department-store Santa is actually the genuine article. The film was a big hit and even won three Oscars, which is rarified critical air for a Christmas movie. The courtroom scenes are full of holiday magic, and the performances of Maureen O’Hara, Edmund Gwenn and little Natalie Wood make it an immortal favorite.

20th Century Fox/Amazon

‘The Muppet Christmas Carol’ (1992)

Who doesn’t love the Muppets, Michael Caine and Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol”? This underrated musical gem is a telling of the all-time classic holiday story that’s perfect for little ones — and adults whose hearts aren’t too iced over. Caine plays Ebenezer Scrooge and is one of the only human actors in the film, starring alongside Muppet icons like Kermit, Gonzo and Miss Piggy.

The original songs are equal parts funny and sweet. But you might want to have some tissues handy, because this one has some surprisingly touching moments with characters that you already love.


‘National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation’ (1989)

The 1980s truly were a great time for unconventional Christmas movies. This hilarious entry into the “Vacation” series follows the beleaguered father and husband Clark Griswold as he hosts a family Christmas that quickly gets out of hand. John Hughes wrote the script, which is loaded with memorable lines that anyone who’s seen the film more than once loves to quote non-stop every holiday season (“Sh—er was full!”). Chevy Chase might never have been funnier than when he opens that company Christmas “bonus” and stuns his entire family.

Warner Bros./Amazon

‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ (1993)

Disney’s greatest contribution to the Christmas movie canon is this stunning, stop-motion animated musical. Set in an imaginative universe where every holiday has its own world, “The Nightmare Before Christmas” follows the residents of Halloween Town as they put their own spin on Christmas after Santa Claus is kidnapped from Christmas Town.

The original songs are lively and memorable, and the visuals are still gorgeous, in that Tim Burton goth-fantasy way. Jack Skellington is one of the all-time great Christmas heroes.


‘The Polar Express’ (2004)

This 2004 blockbuster was polarizing (pun intended) among critics, but was a big hit and continues to earn new fans. Tom Hanks stars in six different roles, including as the conductor of a mysterious train that claims to travel to the North Pole. It closely follows the 1985 book by “Jumanji” author Chris Van Allsburg and was directed by Robert Zemeckis, who was responsible for favorites like “Forrest Gump” and “Back to the Future.”

Some critics slammed it for featuring animation that looked a little too lifelike, but Roger Ebert praised it with his highest score, a four-star grade. This one is great for older kids who are starting to question their belief in Santa Clause.

Warner Bros./Amazon

‘Remember the Night’ (1940)

This is another film that proves the 1940s was the decade to beat when it comes to Christmas classics. “Remember the Night” is a romantic drama about a woman who is caught shoplifting just before Christmas and begins an unlikely romance with the prosecuting district attorney. Barbara Stanwyck and Fred MacMurray team up for the first of four films together and prove they have great chemistry. The premise is a little wacky, but the holiday spirit is warm with this one.


‘The Santa Clause’ (1994)

In 1994, Tim Allen was about as hot as a comedian could be, and he lent his star power to this live-action Disney film that became a Christmas hit and produced two sequels. “The Santa Clause” is about an overworked toy company executive who becomes Santa Claus after accidentally knocking the previous Santa off his roof. Allen’s character, Scott Calvin, is in denial about becoming Santa, even as he starts growing a big white beard that he can’t shave away and Santa’s infamous list of naughty and nice arrives at his house. The film was a massive box-office success, and it has plenty of broad laughs for kids and adults — and unabashed holiday spirit.


‘The Shop Around the Corner’ (1940)

The oldest movie on our list, this romantic comedy unfortunately gets forgotten as the “other” Jimmy Stewart Christmas movie. It’s about a pair of co-workers who don’t realize they are falling in love with one another as anonymous pen pals. You might know “The Shop Around the Corner” better as the Tom Hanks-Meg Ryan movie “You’ve Got Mail,” but this original version boasts a rare 100-percent score at Rotten Tomatoes. The whole story builds to its romantic crescendo at Christmastime, making it delightful for holiday viewing.


‘Tokyo Godfathers’ (2003)

This animated film from Japan features a heartwarming, if unconventional, tale about three homeless people who find a newborn baby on Christmas Eve and try to find its parents. It’s been described as the type of animated feature that Disney wouldn’t dare tackle and has a 90 percent Rotten Tomatoes score, where it’s described as beautiful, substantive and moving. Anyone who loves anime and Christmas needs to check this one out.

Sony Pictures Entertainment Japan/Amazon

‘Trading Places’ (1983)

There might not be a Christmas movie with more laughs than “Trading Places.” This ’80s classic stars Eddie Murphy and Dan Aykroyd as the unwitting subjects of an experiment pulled by two wealthy brothers who want to know what will happen when they try to switch the lives of a homeless man and a successful stockbroker. The whole film is set at Christmastime, and its soundtrack is loaded with carols. This one is R-rated, so it might not be appropriate for the whole family after a day of gift opening, but it’s perfect for the grown-ups.

Paramount Pictures/Amazon

‘While You Were Sleeping’ (1995)

This feel-good ’90s rom-com is perfect for anyone who counts “Love Actually” among their favorite holiday films. “While You Were Sleeping” stars Sandra Bullock as a woman who pretends to be the fiancée of a comatose man whose life she saved — until she legitimately falls in love with his brother. The film is set in Chicago around Christmastime and will warm you up, thanks to the charms of Bullock and co-star Bill Pullman. It made more than $180 million at the global box office and earned Bullock a Golden Globe nomination.

Buena Vista/Amazon

‘White Christmas’ (1954)

Another Irving Berlin musical that features Bing Crosby belting out the Christmas classics, “White Christmas” is an enduring piece of holiday entertainment. This sentimental film follows Crosby and Danny Kaye as a pair of entertainers who fall in love with a sister act and team up to help save a New England inn during a snowy Christmas. If you like your Christmas movies old-fashioned, it doesn’t get much more classic than this one.

Paramount Pictures/Amazon

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New Shows Coming To Netflix In 2019


Get ready for a ton of new Netflix shows next year!

We all have about 30 shows sitting in our Netflix queue that we just haven’t found the time for yet.

Between “The Haunting of Hill House,” “Maniac” and “The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina,” the streaming service threw a bunch of great new shows at us in 2018. And that’s not even counting the new episodes of favorites like “House of Cards,” “Orange is the New Black” and “Making a Murderer” that it released this year!

But even with all that new content, Netflix isn’t slowing down. We’ve rounded up the details we know so far about some of the new original shows Netflix will debut in 2019. The release dates haven’t yet been confirmed for most of these shows but they are all expected to premiere next year.

‘The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance’

Premiere Date: Early 2019

One of Netflix’s blockbuster 2019 shows is this prequel to Jim Henson’s ’80s favorite “The Dark Crystal.” The Jim Henson Company is behind “Age of Resistance,” so you can bet it will likely stick to the tone and style of the original. The show will follow three young Gelflings who inspire an uprising in the world of “The Dark Crystal.”


‘The Umbrella Academy’

Premiere Date: Feb. 5

The popular, acclaimed series of graphic novels is the basis for this series of the same name, which stars Oscar nominee Ellen Page. “The Umbrella Academy” will follow a dysfunctional family of superheroes who’ve become estranged. Netflix still has the premiere date listed as some time in 2018, but outside reports say it won’t debut until 2019.


‘Carmen Sandiego’

Premiere Date: 2019

All kids of the ’80s and ’90s will probably get a tear in their eye over this one. Netflix is bringing back Carmen Sandiego, the enigmatic character featured in several educational video games and TV game shows back in the day. “Jane the Virgin” star Gina Rodriguez (pictured) will play Carmen and the new series will be animated and educational, telling Carmen Sandiego’s backstory.

20th CDGA (Costume Designers Guild Awards) - Red Carpet
Getty Images | Christopher Polk

‘Mr. Iglesias’

Premiere Date: 2019

This new sitcom comes from stand-up comic Gabriel Iglesias (pictured), who will also star in the title role. He will play a high school teacher who tries to teach a group of gifted misfits. Iglesias had a regular role in ABC’s “Cristela” but this will be the first live-action show he has starred in himself.

gabriel iglesias photo
Getty Images | Alberto E. Rodriguez

‘Turn Up Charlie’

Premiere Date: 2019

Idris Elba, the reigning “Sexiest Man Alive,” will co-create and star in this comedy series. In it, Elba (pictured) plays a failed DJ who is trying to restart his career while also working as a nanny in charge of a wild little girl. Fun fact: Elba moonlights as a DJ in real life, which means he’ll get to show off his turntable skills.

'Yardie' Photo Call - 68th Berlinale International Film Festival
Getty Images | Alexander Koerner


Premiere Date: 2019

This sci-fi/horror series will follow a teenage boy as he roams post-apocalyptic California alongside a group of misfits. The series sounds like a mix of high school drama and “Mad Max.” Its first season will include 10 episodes and the series boasts a large cast of characters to make up its wasteland. “Under the Dome” actor Colin Ford (pictured) will star.

colin ford photo
Getty Images | Ethan Miller

‘Russian Doll’

Premiere Date: 2019

“Orange is the New Black” star Natasha Lyonne (pictured) will headline this interesting dramedy that sounds a bit like “Groundhog Day” or “Happy Death Day.” Lyonne plays a woman who gets caught in a time loop, repeatedly going to the same party and dying every night, only to wake up the next morning unharmed. Amy Poehler co-created the series with Lyonne.

natasha lyonne horizontal photo
Getty Images | Matt Winkelmeyer

‘Go! Go! Cory Carson’

Premiere Date: 2019

This children’s program is based on the Go! Go! Smart Wheels toy line from VTech (pictured). It’s an animated series that will follow a kid car as he grows up. The show is being executive produced by a pair of producers behind Pixar favorites “WALL-E” and “Finding Dory.”


‘Our Planet’

Premiere Date: 2019

Nature documentary lovers (present company included) will want to add this one to their Netflix queue when it debuts in 2019. This new series, which took four years to shoot, offers an eight-part look at Earth’s remaining wilderness areas and the animals who dwell in them. Expect gorgeous video, which will be presented in Ultra HD 4K, if you have the setup for it.


‘Rilakkuma and Kaoru’

Premiere Date: 2019

This new anime series, which is aimed at adults, has an intriguing premise to get you hooked. It follows a girl whose new roommate is a charming bear with a zipper on its back who just wants to spend each day being lazy. The series is based on the bear character Rilakkuma, which is a popular character that can be seen on products around Japan.


‘Nowhere Man’

Premiere Date: 2019

This new series sounds intense and perfect for people who like crime dramas. “Nowhere Man” is about a death row inmate who plans to break out of prison after learning that his son has been kidnapped. It sounds like it has a little bit of everything, including gangster plots, deep friendships, intrigue and action.


‘October Faction’

Premiere Date: 2019

Fantasy fans and lovers of monster stories will want to circle this series. “October Faction” is about the family of a famous monster hunter, which includes a witch and warlock. The show is based on the comic book of the same title and the pilot was written by an executive producer of “Sleepy Hollow.” “Bones” actor Tamara Taylor (pictured) will star in the ensemble cast.


‘Rhythm + Flow’

Premiere Date: 2019

Netflix is jumping into the ubiquitous music-competition genre with this new series, which will focus on hip-hop artists who are looking for their big break. The show is being produced by John Legend and the judging panel is top notch, consisting of Cardi B. and Chance the Rapper (both pictured), as well as T.I.

cardi b chance photo
Getty Images | Kevin Winter

‘After Life’

Premiere Date: 2019

Ricky Gervais is creating and starring in this new comedy series. It’s about a widower who decides, instead of taking his own life in his grief, to punish the world by behaving exactly how he wants to, with no regard for the thoughts of others. “After Life” has a cast that includes Ashley Jensen, who co-starred with Gervais in the classic “Extras,” and David Bradley, best known for his work in the Harry Potter films and “Game of Thrones.”

NBCUniversal via Getty Images/Paul Drinkwater


Premiere Date: 2019

Another new Netflix series that features A-list talent is “What/If.” Oscar winner Renée Zellweger (pictured) stars and “Forrest Gump” director Robert Zemeckis will serve as executive producer. This thriller’s first season will follow a pair of broke newlyweds who accept an offer from a mysterious woman that will make them rich but leave them morally bankrupt. According to Netflix, each season of “What/If” will take on a different morality tale.

Premiere Of Paramount Pictures And Pure Flix Entertainment's 'Same Kind Of Different As Me' - Red Carpets
Getty Images | Alberto E. Rodriguez


Premiere Date: 2019

The incredible Uma Thurman will star in this supernatural drama that has a unique setup. The show is about a woman who receives a life-saving heart transplant and then becomes obsessed with knowing the details of the donor’s mysterious death. Thurman (pictured) will play the donor’s mother.

uma thurman horizontal 2016 photo
Getty Images | Lam Yik Fei

‘Dead To Me’

Premiere Date: 2019

This dark comedy will follow the friendship between an uptight widow and a free-spirited woman who has a shocking secret. The series comes from a former writer of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” and creator of “One Big Happy.” It is set to star Christina Applegate (pictured) and counts Will Ferrell as an executive producer.

5th Annual Light Up The Blues Concert - An Evening of Music to Benefit Autism Speaks
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Premiere Date: 2019

This reality competition show sounds like something for fans of “Fear Factor” or bizarre Japanese game shows. The series presents contestants with frightening and uncomfortable events and asks them not to flinch. If they flinch, “they’ll suffer painful consequences,” according to Netflix’s write-up. So far, no celebrities involved with the project or promotional art have been released.

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Premiere Date: 2019

People who love “Top Gear” and other automotive shows will want to check out this new series. “Hyperdrive” sees daring drivers racing through a massive road course filled with obstacles. The contestants will be drivers from around the world. No word on if The Stig will be eligible to compete!

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Premiere Date: 2019

This new drama comes from India and is based on a book of the same title by author Prayaag Akbar (pictured). The plot follows a woman who is searching for the daughter she lost contact with during a 16-year jail sentence. “Leila” is set in the near future and is being described by Netflix as an “inventive, boundary-breaking story.”

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‘Raising Dion’

Premiere Date: 2019

This new Netflix original is about a single mom whose son has superpowers, which she must help him hide while she investigates how he got them. The series was created by comics writer Dennis Liu, who based it on a short film he produced in 2015, which racked up more than 300,000 YouTube views. The show’s impressive cast includes Michael B. Jordan (pictured) and Jason Ritter.

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‘No Good Nick’

Premiere Date: 2019

This series is aimed at preteens, according to Netflix. “No Good Nick” is about a 13-year-old girl named Nicole (the “Nick” from the title) who is a street-smart con artist. She shows up one day on the doorstep of a family she claims she’s related to. The leads in the series will be Melissa Joan Hart (pictured) and Sean Astin, who will play the married couple that takes Nick in.

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‘My Husband’s Penis Won’t Fit’

Premiere Date: 2019

There aren’t many details out there about this new series, aside from the title — but color me intrigued! Netflix says the plot for this comedy is based on a true story. It’s about a “physically incompatible couple” who try to make their marriage work despite needing to be celibate. We don’t know who is connected to this series yet.

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‘Twelve Forever’

Premiere Date: 2019

This new cartoon is aimed at kids ages 8 to 12. It is about a girl named Reggie who wants to be a kid forever and finds herself in a fantasy world where she never has to grow up. It sounds kind of like a fresh new spin on Peter Pan.


‘Trash Truck’

Premiere Date: 2019

You have to admit, that’s a catchy title! This animated series for preschool-age kids is about a free-range 6-year-old boy who’s best friends with a giant trash truck. The series seems to be big on imagination and is being executive produced by the team behind Kobe Bryant’s Oscar-winning animated short “Dear Basketball,” including director Glen Keane (pictured below with Bryant).

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Premiere Date: 2019

This Spanish series, also known as “Hache,” will focus on a woman who gets launched into the business of heroin trafficking in Barcelona. It stars Adriana Ugarte (pictured) in the central role. The show will be set in the 1960s, so expect a “Mad Men” vibe. The thriller comes from creator Verónica Fernández and its first season will consist of eight episodes.


‘Bard of Blood’

Premiere Date: 2019

This series, based on a 2015 Indian novel of the same title, is slated to debut some time in 2019 on Netflix. The book is a spy story that follows a former Indian intelligence agent who is called back to service after his ex-boss is murdered. The show is expected to be multilingual and is slated to be written by Bilal Siddiqi (pictured below, at right), who also wrote the book. Netflix says the show’s title is subject to change.

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‘History Of A Crime’

Premiere Date: 2019

This Spanish-language true-crime series, also known as “Historia de un Crimen,” will spend each season looking at a different notorious crime. The first season, set to debut in 2019, will examine the 1994 murder of Mexican presidential candidate Luis Colosio, who was killed during his campaign. The season will have eight episodes.

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Premiere Date: Jan. 25

This South Korean period piece is set in the nation’s medieval days and blends political intrigue, fantasy and zombies! The series follows a prince who sets out to save his people from a strange plague that turns its victims into the undead. The first season will consist of six episodes.


‘Mighty Little Bheem’

Premiere Date: 2019

Another new children’s animated series, “Mighty Little Bheem” is based on the popular Chhota Bheem franchise for preschool kids (the character is pictured below). The series, which is being produced in India, is described as “non-verbal” and full of slapstick comedy and adventure. The book series the show is based upon has been described as perfect for kids ages 4 to 6 and is said to be educational.

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