5 Trump Properties He Doesn’t Like To Talk About

4Donald J. Trump State Park Is A Poisonous Hellhole

When you imagine Trump properties, you probably don’t picture beautiful rolling vistas, glorious sunsets, and lush greenery — just hideous gold-plated carbuncles with zero redeeming features, much like their owner. And then there’s Donald J. Trump State Park, a 400-acre park outside of Westchester, New York, which has all of these beautiful features and much, much more!

Or it did once, before the garbage people moved in.

Back in the ’90s, Trump bought the land in order to convert it into a golf course, but thanks to some pesky red tape that said rich assholes can’t buy up acres of woodland for vanity projects designed to attract other rich assholes, the town where the park sits denied his request. That left Trump with a big tract of land that he couldn’t do much with except his favorite thing in the world: get a tax break. He donated the land to the state of New York, netting a tax write-off estimated at $100 million.

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As great as this worked for Trump, it was terrible for New York, which was left holding a big chunk of land it didn’t want. They tried to make it look nice (they really did), but they could only afford $2,500 for annual upkeep, and having no full-time staff, the park soon turned into a nightmare zone of dilapidated buildings, moldy swimming pools, and other scenes that make it resemble a post-nuclear wasteland.

In 2010, the state attempted to convert the site into a dog park, but after construction unearthed asbestos in several of the buildings, they closed the park for good and left it to rot. This irritated Trump so much that he demanded the park back, to which the state told him to go screw. It’s not entirely clear why he wanted the park back, knowing full well he couldn’t do anything with it, but it might be due to the fact that not only does he think asbestos is perfectly safe („It’s a mob conspiracy!“), but he’s also a big goddamn baby.

RealDonaldTrump/TwitterAgain, for those not up on their Trump lore, he’s got some weird opinions.

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3An Extremely Suspicious Random Piece Of Florida Forest

Trump’s business interests tend to stick to the cities — not just because that’s where the money and fast food restaurants are, but also because that’s where he’s liable to get the most attention, a commodity he values more than oxygen. So you’re probably wondering why he owns, for no apparent particular reason, a random quarter-acre lot of woodland in Florida. The lot isn’t anywhere near Mar-a-Lago, and contains nothing of any value, like roads, pavement, buildings, or even utilities. It is completely inaccessible without, as one local put it, „a Jeep, a helicopter or a parachute.“

Dave Grohl Cooked Barbecue For The Firefighters Tackling California Wildfires

Books & Music

What a great way to give back to these heroes.

Dave Grohl is best known for being the Foo Fighters’ frontman. But when he’s not rocking out with the band, he’s serving up charitable donations and making barbecue, sometimes all at the same time.

To thank the firefighters currently battling wildfires in California, Grohl offered them some food from his recently launched barbecue joint, Backbeat BBQ.

The firefighters of Fire Station 68 of Los Angeles County posted their gratitude for the kind gesture on Instagram, writing in the caption, “It was awesome to get a visit tonight from Dave Grohl of the @foofighters. He also treated us to some of his own @backbeatbbq. Thanks Dave”:

As far as the ‘cue, well, according to the fire station, “It was excellent!”

The Backbeat BBQ account also posted a photo showing Grohl posed on a fire truck with some of the firefighters. In the caption, Grohl thanked them, adding, “It was an honor to cook for you. – Dave”:

Wildfires began sweeping across California anew on Nov. 8, and firefighters have been working tirelessly to contain them ever since. As of Nov. 14, the Hill Fire was 94 percent contained, and more than 200 people were still missing in the Camp Fire, which was only 35 percent contained, the San Fransisco Chronicle reported.

The fire that devastated Paradise, California, became the deadliest fire in the state’s modern history, according to the New York Times. CNN reports that the death toll for the state is now at 44.

camp fire photo
Getty Images | Justin Sullivan

Firefighters certainly have their work cut out for them, so much so that they’ve enlisted the help of inmates who are part of a volunteer firefighting program run by the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, according to CNBC.

Firefighters from other states are also pitching in, which is common in big wildfires in the west. According to the Missoulian, 73 firefighters from Montana have gone to California to help fight fires for two weeks.

“We are happy to help other states in a time of need,” Jake Ganieany, the response and recovery branch manager for the Montana Department of Emergency Services, told the Missoulian. “We just hope California can get as many resources as they can to fight these fires and keep people safe.”

camp fire photo
Getty Images | Justin Sullivan

With so many people offering much-needed help, it’s no surprise that celebrities like Grohl are making generous donations to firefighters. And Grohl certainly isn’t the only celebrity stepping up to make a difference. Actor James Woods is using his Twitter account to try and help connect people with their families, and Sandra Bullock donated $100,000 to help displaced animals.

For information about how you can donate to help firefighters and others in need, organizations such as California Community Foundation and the California Fire Foundation are great resources.

Katherine MacGregor From ‘Little House On The Prairie’ Has Died

Celebrities & Pop Culture

This is sad news.

Little House on the Prairie” fans have said goodbye to another great star. Katherine “Scottie” MacGregor, who played the mean-spirited Harriet Oleson on the long-running series, died Tuesday, Nov. 13, in Woodland Hills, California. She was 93.

Born Dorlee Deane MacGregor in 1925, the late actor had built a career in the theater before transitioning to television and film. She starred as Harriet Oleson, the sassy and gossipy general store owner’s wife, in 153 episodes of “Little House on the Prairie,” and the role undoubtedly made MacGregor a household name.

Learn more about MacGregor’s life in this video posted to YouTube by Access:

MacGregor had taken a step back from acting after “Little House on the Prairie” came to an end. A devout Hindu, MacGregor was said to have gone on a pilgrimage in India during the filming of the series’ 1984 TV movie “The Last Farewell.” But she did appear in the short film “The Lottery” in 2014.

Before joining the cast of “Little House on the Prairie,” MacGregor played a longshoreman’s mother in the 1954 film “On the Waterfront” and appeared on Broadway in the 1958 show “Handful of Fire.” She also had guest-starring roles on “All in the Family,” “Ironside” and a few other popular series in the 1960s and 1970s.

Following the news of her passing, “Little House on the Prairie” fans took to social media to pay tribute to MacGregor. Twitter user @Bill_Pritchard called MacGregor “a gifted comedian” who was “perfect at portraying the lady you loved to hate.”

Another Twitter user, @mickisuzette, wrote that the NBC drama was “a huge part” of their childhood.

MacGregor’s co-stars also took to social media to honor the late actor. Melissa Gilbert, who played Laura Ingalls on “Little House on the Prairie,” shared a still from the show to her Instagram account, writing in the caption that MacGregor had “taught me so much… about acting… vintage jewelry… life.”

Alison Arngrim, MacGregor’s TV daughter, also posted a tribute to her Facebook page, writing that her “second mother has now gone to her rest.”

Her representative confirmed that MacGregor had been living at the Motion Picture Fund Long-Term Nursing Care facility in Woodland Hills when she passed away. A cause of death has yet to be announced.

Häagen-Dazs Peppermint Bark Ice Cream Is Back

Food & Recipes

Do you someone who would love this flavor?

While I admit that I spend the end of summer wishing it was pumpkin spice season, by the time Halloween rolls around, I’m already over it and ready for all things peppermint — especially peppermint bark.

There’s just something about white chocolate and peppermint together — and bonus points if the white chocolate is layered with milk chocolate— that makes it my favorite seasonal flavor. And judging by the many peppermint-bark-flavored foods you’ll be able to find this season, I’m clearly not alone.

Mean Girls Your Face Smells Like Peppermint GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Not only will we find peppermint bark Oreos in stores near the end of the year, but there are at least two ice cream brands selling peppermint bark ice cream! While Blue Bell’s peppermint bark ice cream can only be found in certain areas of the country, Häagen-Dazs is filling the gap with not one, but two peppermint bark treats that are already available nationwide.

The peppermint bark ice cream consists of white chocolate ice cream blended with chocolate peppermint bark and peppermint candy pieces. For an extra dose of chocolate, you can also get the peppermint bark ice cream in bar form, with white chocolate ice cream dipped in dark chocolate and sprinkled with peppermint candy pieces.


I can’t help but think this ice cream would be amazing alongside some other peppermint treats, like white chocolate peppermint bark cheesecake or candy cane shortbread.

Or, of course, you could always just dip the peppermint bark bars into the pint of ice cream! Will you be picking up some peppermint bark ice cream before it’s gone again until next season?

You Can Soon Buy ‘Magnum’ Bottles Of Ranch Dressing From Hidden Valley

The perfect gift for the ranch lover in your life!

There’s no denying that Americans have a love affair with ranch dressing. Particularly in the Midwest, where I’m from, people love to put ranch on just about everything.  From salad to pizza to buffalo wings and more, there’s really no food that can’t be made better with a little ranch.

If you agree with that sentiment, you will soon have access to more ranch dressing than you could possibly need with a magnum-sized bottle of Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing. Yup, the limited-edition bottle holds a whopping 1.75 liters of the stuff and will be available online for $25 beginning Dec. 3.

“Let the ranch flavor flow with this limited-edition bottle that comes in a custom-designed box perfect for any holiday occasion,” reads the product description. Check it out:

Hidden Valley Ranch

To give a sense of just how large this huge bottle of ranch is, check it out next to the brand’s regular 8-ounce bottle:

Hidden Valley Ranch

Now, that is a lot of ranch! And here is the custom box it comes with:

Hidden Valley Ranch

How fancy!

For those who not only want to enjoy their ranch but also need to show off their dedication to the dressing, the company has launched a line festive products, including ranch ornaments for the Christmas tree, outdoor inflatable ranch bottles to put up in the yard and pizza-and-ranch themed wrapping paper. What a great way to spread holiday cheer and show off your ranch fandom at the same time!

This ranch-themed ugly Christmas sweater is guaranteed to make you the best-dressed guest at any holiday party:

Hidden Valley Ranch

Do you know a ranch-lover who would swoon over a gift from Hidden Valley this holiday season?

This City Will Pay You $10,000 To Move There For A Year

Make Money

You will even get discounted rent! Do you know someone who would love this opportunity?

Usually moving to a new city involves shelling out a lot of money, but one U.S. city is actually paying people to move there. The George Kaiser Family Foundation is offering $10,000 grants to entice people to move to Tulsa, Oklahoma, and work remotely from the city for a year. The project is called Tulsa Remote, and is funded by the foundation with support from the city of Tulsa and other community organizations.

Grant recipients will receive $2,500 for relocation expenses and $500 monthly stipends for the year they spend living in Tulsa. At the end of the year, they will also receive an additional $1,500. Participants will also be able to live in new, furnished apartments in the Tulsa Arts District for a third off the base price, plus free utilities, for the first three months.

They’ll also get free work space at 36 Degrees North as well as professional development opportunities like monthly workshops.

downtown tulsa photo
Flickr | Frank Boston

The program’s creators hope it will score the city some permanent residents.

“To me it’s not a success if someone just moves here, puts in their time for a year, and then they head out,” Kevin Levi, GKFF executive director, told Tulsa World. “The goal is to give them that Tulsa embrace so they’ll be active in the community, enjoy our music and arts and food. And maybe in a year, they’ll say, ‘I love this place. I’m staying.’”

Those interested in this opportunity can apply online. They will need to do an online interview and may have in-person interviews as well. The GKFF is not yet sure how many applicants will be accepted.

Participants must provide proof of employment, and work for a business that is based outside of Tulsa County or be self-employed outside of Tulsa County. Applicants must be at least 18 years old.

Tulsa is not the first U.S. city to try and lure new residents and workers using monetary incentives. There’s a similar program in Vermont, wherein eligible remote workers can receive up to $5,000 per year, not to exceed $10,000 over two years, to live and work there. Other communities in states like Minnesota, Alaska, Connecticut and Indiana are also offering similar incentives to attract new residents.

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This Jacket Has A Built-in Heater To Keep You Super Warm This Winter

Nature, Weather & Space


If you’re the type of person who hates being cold, you’ll likely do everything in your power to stay warm during the winter months. Having a good-quality coat is a must in many parts of the country, but when it’s really freezing out, even the best coat is no match for brutal temperatures.

But what if your coat had a built-in heater inside? Thanks to Midwest-based apparel company Ororo, you can get vests, coats, fleeces and sweatshirts with rechargeable battery heating devices inside.

Wow! As someone who has battled Midwest winters my entire life, this sounds like a dream come true. Their apparel offers heating in different areas of the body with four different heating levels, and the battery lasts for about eight hours. If it’s not quite cold enough for the personal heater, you can still wear it as a regular, non-heated jacket. Their whole collection is available on Amazon, where you’ll find pieces for men and women in multiple styles.

Their most popular item is their Women’s Slim Fit Heated Jacket, which has a solid four-star rating with 304 reviews. The jacket features a soft-shell fabric exterior with fleece lining and a detachable hood. It generates heat on both sides of your chest and across your mid-back. It’s machine-washable and comes with a one-year warranty.


“I tend to be cold when others aren’t, so not only do I use it outside, but it’s become my secret weapon in cold conference rooms, at the movie theater, the grocery store, and other places where it’s too cold for me,” reads one review.

“This jacket isn’t bulky at all yet completely windproof, which I tested downtown Chicago right next to Lake Michigan,” reads another. “I don’t think the battery is too heavy at all. It actually doesn’t bother me one bit. So very happy I purchased this.”

Some of the reviews do point out that the battery can only be charged with the provided charger, so it’s essential to bring it with you if you bring the jacket on a trip, and some felt the battery was a bit heavy as well.

If you’re looking for even more heated products to keep you toasty and warm this winter, check out this heated sleeping bag for your feet, this heated car blanket and these heated slippers.

[h/t: Prevention]

We were not paid to write this story. The products and services mentioned below were selected independent of sales and advertising. However, Simplemost may receive a small commission from the purchase of any products or services through an affiliate link to the retailer’s website.

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This Corn Casserole Is Easy To Throw Together When You’re In A Hurry

Food & Recipes


If you’ve never tasted the creamy goodness that is corn casserole, you’re in for a treat. Every Thanksgiving and Christmas, we whip up multiple dishes of this holiday staple. It’s both delicious and ridiculously easy to make, only requiring five ingredients. And if you’ve got a sweet tooth, you can sweeten it up with a sprinkle of sugar, making it the perfect dessert-like side dish (next to your candied yam, perhaps?).

Blogger Two Sisters Crafting breaks down the simple corn casserole dish on her blog, which also includes easy-to-follow directions of the process, start to finish. Using only one bowl, you mix all the ingredients, pop it in the oven, top it with cheese and voila!

Her version is a more savory style, one she describes as a “cornbread-like dish.”

Two Sisters Crafting

For another savory, slightly more nuanced version of corn casserole, head to Spend With Pennies. The recipe there incorporates fresh herbs into the mix. Buttery and golden in color, she opts for fresh corn over frozen, though she admits the frozen variety works just as well. For an extra special casserole, she adds in crumbled bacon, minced onion and/or jalapenos and a cup of cheddar cheese. What’s not to love?

Spend With Pennies

Another standard version of the corn casserole, or corn pudding, can be found at Tastes of Lizzy T. Though her recipe is, again, just five ingredients, she suggests several variations. For a lighter, fluffier pudding, add two eggs, and for a sweeter style, add more sugar.

I personally love more of a souffle-style pudding, so we opt for adding eggs and sugar. The options are pretty much endless.

If trying out these corn casseroles gets you fired up for making all casseroles, all the time, check out these 15 casseroles you can make for under $4 per serving.

What type of corn casserole do you prefer?

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Reminder: November 17 is Danny DeVito Day

As we’re ramping up to the holiday season, things can get a little hectic observing all of the festivities. And while you’re lighting the turkey on fire, decorating the tree with kente, and wishing the people you’re trampling at Best Buy „Happy Wintermas,“ it’s easy to lose track of the true spirit of the holidays. We’re here to give thanks to and celebrate the birthday of a very special person. We’re talking, of course, about Danny DeVito.

Wikimedia CommonsHe sees you when you’re sleeping.

Finally, we’ll be able to properly observe and celebrate the birth of our grumpiest, shadiest of prophets. Last April, the fragrant state of New Jersey declared this November 17, 2018 the first official Danny DeVito Day, in honor of its most famous native son (suck it, Springsteen). And how does the Penguin feel about this gift? Mixed. „Of course, they first told me I could have a beach. Yeah, but they reneged,“ he said in an interview, which might be the most New Jersey response ever to getting a day named after you.

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But it’s still looking to be a great day, with celebrations led by New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy and a great wave of pride coming over his hometown of Neptune Township. But people all over the world have been getting into the (ornery) spirit, presumably donning their boiled denim and apparently putting up their creepy DeVito shrines.

Now, outside of New Jersey, not a lot of places do the big traditional DeVito Day parades, where giant balloon Schwarzeneggers float through the sky and actors throw big wicker dolls of mommas off trains. But you can still get into the spirit with a more modern, intimate DeVito Day celebration: monster condoms hanging from the mantelpiece, one-sided debates on gun control, children playing Nightcrawlers (privately) while the adults feast on rum ham (or if you observe a religion that doesn’t allow pork, crow’s eggs marinated in Wolf Cola). Of course, don’t forget to leave one seat on the couch empty, to symbolize the hope that the Trash Man will climb out of the cushions and scare the children into being good for a whole year.

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Then, after the feast, everyone can whip out their favorite toe knife to open the many tiny presents — because on Danny DeVito Day, good things come in small packages.

For more weirdness and his personal recipe for milk steak, you can follow Cedric on Twitter.

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PBR, Everyone�€™s Favorite Awful Beer, May Be On Its Deathbed

For decades, Pabst Blue Ribbon has been the beer du jour of broke college students, adults who don’t know any better, and alcoholics who need to make that $10 they slipped from their wife’s purse last all day. We’d make a joke here about hipsters, but they haven’t been a thing since 2011. (Another thing that Millennials killed, probably.)

It seems, however, that PBR might soon be going to the big urinal in the sky — unless its mom and dad can stop fussin‘ and a-feudin‘. You see, despite what the name might suggest, Pabst Blue Ribbon is actually brewed and packaged by MillerCoors. It’s a working partnership which, despite being the equivalent of the large intestine outsourcing turd production to the butthole, seems to have been a fruitful and productive one. It’s due to expire in 2020, however, and MillerCoors wants out.

And Pabst doesn’t like that. Although the main partnership is due to end in 2020, the original agreement that the two companies signed allows for two possible five-year extensions. MillerCoors argues that not only do they have the right to turn down the extension just because, but also the cost of manufacturing PBR means that it isn’t worth their while to extend the deal. That is, unless Pabst pays them $45 per barrel … for an annual output of over four million barrels.

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Yikes. In response, Pabst has filed a lawsuit against MillerCoors asking for $400 million in damages, alleging that MillerCoors‘ „fabricated concerns“ are nothing more than a „thinly veiled, bad faith attempt to unlawfully hurt a competitor.“ If MillerCoors stops producing PBR, they argue, Pabst dies, and there’s then nothing to stop MC from cornering the market in beers that people only buy because the 7/11 ran out of other brands. And this is to say nothing of Pabst’s other allegations against MillerCoors, including that MC closed down two factories just to spite Pabst, and that MC hired a consultant to „figure out ways to get rid of [Pabst].“

The trial starts on Monday, and is set to last until the end of November. It promises to be exactly the sort of shitshow that you’d expect from the people that brought us every bar fight in existence — the only difference this time being that the combatants are armed with lawyers, not broken pool cues. Play us out, Dennis Hopper in Blue Velvet:

Adam Wears is on Twitter and Facebook, and has a newsletter dedicated to depressing history facts. It’s not as heartbreakingly sad as it sounds, promise!

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