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Good Morning, Good Afternoon or Good Evening everyone!

Well folks we have been working on this for quite some time now and we are excited to finally release this long awaited and amazing update to all of our wonderful users!

New Features and Updates:

– Radar Maps are now zoomable up to 5x!

– Alert locations are now searchable (no more scrolling)

– Brand new NOAA Weather Data view which includes Marine Forecasts, Sector Radars, All 172 Forecast Offices, Forecast Maps, Storm Prediction Center and more. Please note this is a dynamic list that can be updated remotely so feel free to email us your suggestions for any data you would like to see included.

– Brand new alert view. Just add your location/s and easily view watches & warnings for that location/s.

– Severe watches & warning are now highlighted red to make them standout.

– Alerts received while either in the background or actively using the app are now properly handled when tapping the view button. You are taken directly to the alert view to see the alert.

– Added a notifications test view to familiarize yourself with the alert sounds used when alerts are received.

– Removed National Alert Tab (replaced with much more usable alert view)

– New Alert Sounds

– Adjusted volume and length of alert sounds to make them less obnoxious and more tolerable.

– New weather icons

– New app Icon

– Replaced the default USA flag pin next to available locations with appropriate state flags.

– Ability to set temperatures to celsius or fahrenheit.

– Push settings and alert settings are now combined into on view.

– App now respects notification settings set in the devices settings app. (i.e; if alert sounds are turned off in devices settings app under notifications the app now will not play alert sounds if open. Your are now free to turn off vibrate mode.)

Critical Bug Fixes:

– Fixed bug that caused app to crash when device language was not set to anything other than English.

– Fixed bug that sometimes caused the app to crash when retrieving weather data.

– Fixed bug that caused the audio player to become unresponsive to the stop button.

If you are enjoying NOAA Weather Radio PLEASE don’t forget to post your 5 star reviews for this version of the app. We need everyones support and this helps motivate us to keep bringing you new and exciting updates!

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