Fall Into A Glass Of Pumpkin Wine From These Wineries — Or Make Your Own

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Is it fall yet?!

We still have a few weeks of summer left, but some people already have pumpkin on the brain. Not pumpkin spice lattes (or cereal), either … but pumpkin wine!

Yes, wine made from pumpkins is a thing. A very, very delicious thing. Wisconsin’s Three Lakes Winery claims it is the first winery to have perfected this process, and they say that customers absolutely love this sweet, light wine which they compare to a chardonnay. The winery makes its pumpkin wine using only pie pumpkins — and reviewers say that it is delicious and perfect any time of year.

If you live in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois or Michigan, you can find this special pumpkin wine from Three Lakes Winery for a very reasonable $12.95 per bottle. You can also order it online.

But Three Lakes Winery is hardly the only winery that’s churning out pumpkin wine. South Dakota’s Prairie Berry Winery makes a very special pumpkin wine blended with tart cranberries. Called Pumpkin Bog, Prairie Berry says it harvests pumpkins every fall before freezing them until it’s time to make the pumpkin wine.

The California Fruit Wine Co. also makes its own pumpkin-inspired drink. The company’s Pumpkin Spice Wine packs an 11-percent alcohol by volume.

Of course, if you are feeling creative and daring, you can even make your OWN pumpkin wine at home.

Yes, it’s obviously a bit more labor-intensive than just buying a bottle at the store, but it actually is not very difficult to make your own wine, provided you have a few staples on hand, such as yeast nutrient, wine yeast and acid blend (which will help the yeast to ferment properly).

Pumpkin wine will also require pumpkin (of course!), sugar and boiling water. This recipe from Common Sense Home also includes golden raisins, nutmeg, ginger and cinnamon, but you can create your own blend of spices to fit your own taste buds.

How perfect would a bottle of pumpkin wine be for a Halloween party or the Thanksgiving table? Or … for right now.

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